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Quickly export or share an optimized image

The Quick Export feature lets you export your entire image optimized with the settings of any of your export presets. You can also send a copy of the image via AirDrop, Mail, Messages, or add it to other apps such as the macOS Photos app, Reminders, Notes, and more.

Quickly export an image or video

  1. Click in the Pixelmator Pro toolbar.
  2. Choose one of the Quick Export options.

    Note: Sharing an image to Photos (Add to Photos) creates a new image in your library. If you've opened the image directly from the Photos app (using Edit With > Pixelmator Pro) and would like to overwrite it, choose File > Save instead.

  3. If prompted, choose a location to save the exported images or videos.

  4. Click Export.

To add your own Quick Export options, create a new export preset or redefine an existing one.

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