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What's new?

Pixelmator Pro 2.4 Odesa brings a completely redesigned Layers sidebar, color adjustments and effects layers, over 200 beautiful new vector shapes, support for M1 Ultra, and more.

Redesigned Layer Sidebar

The Layers sidebar has been redesigned to make it much easier to work with layers. In the Layers sidebar, you can now find useful info about layers, blending controls have been made customizable and can be pinned to the top or the bottom of the layer sidebar, added a new button for inserting new empty layers, and more.

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Color Adjustments and Effects Layers

Color adjustments and effects layers have been added to let you apply color adjustments or effects to all the layers below them in a composition. You can now easily apply selective edits by using colors adjustments and effects layers with masks.

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Over 200 New Shapes

Over 200 new artist-designed shapes have been added to Pixelmator Pro. Several new shape collections have been added and others have been rearranged, so there are now 10 collections: Basic, Activities, Food, Objects, Arches, Science, Animals, Plants, Organic, and Symbols.

M1 Ultra

Thanks to support for the M1 Ultra chip, Pixelmator Pro flies when performing machine learning-based tasks on the latest Mac Studio devices.

Scrubby Zoom

The Scrubby Zoom mode makes it easier to zoom images when using a graphics tablet or mouse. When using the Zoom tool, you can simply drag your image horizontally – like scrubbing video controls – to zoom in and out.

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