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What's new?

Pixelmator Pro 2.0 Junipero is now fully compatible with macOS Big Sur and natively supports M1 chip to take advantage of the powerful new Apple Silicon devices. Pixelmator Pro also sports a thoughtfully redesigned interface that now has a bunch of new customization options.

M1 Chip

Enjoy faster-than-ever image editing on the new Apple Silicon devices thanks to the native M1 chip support — the machine learning features of Pixelmator Pro are now up to 15 times faster.

macOS Big Sur

Pixelmator Pro adds support to macOS Big Sur, with the new app icon, unified toolbar, refreshed icons, and all-new native controls.

All-New Design

Pixelmator Pro now features a new and refined interface, adds a new Effects Browser, allows customizing the workspace for specific editing purposes — photography, design, painting, illustration, and more.

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Apple ProRaw with Depth Mask Support

Pixelmator Pro now fully supports Apple ProRAW photos. When opening ProRAW photos with depth masks, they will now be included as layer masks.

Improved Quick Look Plug-In

An improved plug-in (two, in fact) brings full-size Pixelmator Pro file previews in the Finder and thumbnail syncing across iCloud-enabled devices.

ML Super Resolution

The fourth version of ML Super Resolution brings improved upscaling of high-contrast textures, better compression artifact removal, including removal of WebP compression artifacts, and better noise removal.

Video Tooltips

When you hover over a tool in the Tools sidebar, you’ll now see a handy video tooltip about that tool and a link to learn more about it.

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LUT Support

With full support for LUTs, you can now edit the colors of images using color presets created in other apps.

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Pixelmator Pro User Guide