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What's new?

Pixelmator Pro 3.3 Mosaic brings an all‑new Remove Color adjustment for quickly removing color from images and even videos, powerful Clarity, Selective Clarity, and Texture adjustments for intelligently enhancing fine details in images, new stroke styles and more options for customizing strokes, new ways to save edits using sidecar files, and a whole lot more.

Remove Color

Instantly remove any color from images and even videos with the powerful new Remove Color adjustment.

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Clarity and Texture

Enhance the finest details in your photos using the all-new Texture and Clarity adjustments.

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Stroke Styles

Create beautiful outlines around images, videos, paths, and shapes using a variety of new stroke styles and more options for customizing strokes.

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Sidecar Files

Open and edit images in their original format, and save them back to the same file format while preserving all nondestructive edits and layers.

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Selective Clarity

Enhance details exclusively in the shadows, midtones, and highlights of an image with the new Selective Clarity adjustment.

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Shadow & Highlight Recovery

Magically recover highlight and shadow detail in your photos with rebuilt Highlights and Shadows adjustments.

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