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Set workspace settings

The workspace settings let you change the arrangement of Pixelmator Pro interface elements such as the Tool Options pane, Layers, and the Tools sidebars. You can choose from the available workspace presets for editing with photos, drawing illustrations, or painting. The set of tools also changes based on the workspace type selected. For instance, the "Painting" workspace will focus more on the tools for creating digital or traditional paintings such as brush tools, fill tools, or erasers.

Choose a workspace layout

  1. Choose Pixelmator Pro > Settings (from the Pixelmator Pro menu at the top of your screen).
  2. In the Workspace tab, click any of the workspace presets. Pixelmator Pro automatically rearranges as you select a preset.

Tip: To additionally customize the Tools sidebar or revert to the default set of Pixelmator Pro tools, Control ⌃ – click the preset thumbnail and choose to Customize Tools.

To remove, reset, or rename a workspace preset, Control ⌃ – click the preset thumbnail and choose an option.

If you can't find an arrangement you like, you can also rearrange the workspace elements manually to find what works best for your particular workflow.

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