Technical Specifications

Pixelmator for iOS is a powerful, full-featured image editor, packed full of outstanding, desktop-class tools and features. Combine text, shapes, and images to create gorgeous designs and compositions, paint and sketch using a wide range of brushes, and use effects and color adjustments to give your photos a unique look and feel. Pixelmator for iOS also runs natively on Apple silicon, bringing a top-notch editing experience to your iPad.

  • Creative Tools

    Paint & Erase

    Over 100 artist-designed brushes and erasers ranging from stunningly realistic to totally digital


    A full set of powerful and advanced retouching tools to touch up and enhance images


    The Distort tools in Pixelmator for iOS let you quickly and easily reshape areas of your image

    Add Effects

    Over 14 breathtaking effects to subtly improve or completely change the look and feel of an image

    Adjust Colors

    Use color adjustments to adjust colors, lighting, and contrast to perfect your images


    Powerful and pixel-accurate selection tools to quickly and easily select any part of an image

    Crop & Straighten

    Easily straighten, crop images using handy crop presets, or save custom crop presets

    Automatically select subjects in images using the machine learning-powered Select Subject feature


    Choose from 24 pre-designed text styles, use custom fonts, fine-tune the look of text using a full set of advanced typography features


    Add 15 pre-designed shapes and Smart Shapes in 8 different fill styles, or use the Style tool to change the look of shapes

    Layer Styles

    Customize shape, text, and image layers by changing their opacity, blending, fill, or adding outlines, strokes, and reflections


    Interface designed to work with images specifically on iPad and iPhone

    Layers sidebar to add , arrange, and edit layers

    Rulers and alignment guides

    Extensive online user guide with in-app live search

    Files browser to browse and open images stored in iCloud or on your iPhone or iPad

    Sort images by date or name, organize into folders, rename, duplicate, or delete them right in the Files browser

    Photos browser to browse and open images from Photos — find your custom photo albums and default Photos albums including Panoramas, Hidden, Selfies, Portrait, and Long Exposure

    Preset chooser to create images from over a 100 popular image size presets, the Clipboard, or directly from your iPhone or iPad camera

    Open images of up to 256 megapixels

    Template chooser with over 30 inspiring templates:

    Collage — Mosaic, Grid, Lopsided, Rounded, Parallel, and Oblong

    Frame — Sharp, Rounded, Artistic, Grunge, Elastic, Pastel, and Blurry

    Card — Best Wishes, Thank You, Happy Holidays, Love Is…, Happy Birthday, Summer Greetings, and Congratulations

    Poster — Colorful Life, Summer, Keep On Dreaming…, Pool Party, Spring Break, and Adventure

    Photography — Rain Drops, Light Bokeh, Sunbeams, Splash, Light Leak, and Color Rays

    Vintage — Burned Out, Torn Photo, Illuminated Film, Aged Photo, Faded Film, and Washed Out


    A Metal-powered painting engine offers an incredibly smooth and responsive painting experience

    Adjust the size and softness of brushes

    Color Picker with a color well, hue and saturation sliders, opacity controls, quick access to previously used colors, ability to create color swatches, and an innovative grid of color shades

    Eyedropper tool for choosing colors from an image

    Six pre-designed color swatch palettes

    Advanced double texture technology that defines brush shape and its texture separately for maximum detail and precision

    Two types of brush strokes: overlaying and not overlaying for greater variety of effects when brushstrokes overlap

    Wetness effect makes Paint and Crayon brushes near-natural

    Brush stroke sensitivity to drawing speed and acceleration

    Full support for Apple Pencil, together with palm-rejection, pressure, tilt and acceleration sensitivity


    Pencil paints strokes of different hardness: 9H Pencil, 8H Pencil, 7H Pencil, 6H Pencil, 5H Pencil, 4H Pencil, 3H Pencil, 2H Pencil, H Pencil, F Pencil, HB Pencil, B Pencil, 2B Pencil, 3B Pencil, 4B Pencil, 5B Pencil, 6B Pencil, 7B Pencil, 8B Pencil, 9B Pencil


    Crayon paints soft textured strokes that can overlay each over: Coal, Carbon, Chalk, Crayon, Square Pastel, Wax Stick, Charcoal, Oil Pastel, Graphite, Pastel


    Marker paints soft strokes for natural, hand-drawn painting: Permanent Ultra, Permanent Marker Fine, Marker Bold/Bullet, Old Jimbo, Jimbo Chisel, Chisel, Highlighter


    Ink pen gives a variety of nibs for different drawing styles: Calligraphy Brush, Graffiti Brush, Inking Brush, Old Brush, Manga Brush, Chinese Brush, Japanese Brush, Broken Brush, Lettering Brush, Square Brush, Font Brush


    Paint with realistic, true-to-live textures: Fur Brush, Parallel Brush, Filbert Brush, Triangular Brush, Stranded Brush, Edge Brush, Sponge Brush, Varnish Brush, Scattered Brush, Vose Brush, Mixed Brush, Sparkle Wash, Decorative Wash, Rotary Wash, Fan Wash, Goliath Wash, Scatter Wash, Onion Tip, Watercolor Pencil, Neptune Brush, Waterbrush, Aqua Flow, Oval Wash


    Paint colors as if using aerosol sprays: Soft Spray, Metallic Spray, Spray Splatter, Dynamic Spray, Mixed Spray, Crazy Spray, Old Spray Can, Wall Spray, Blast Spray, Spray Can, Thick Spray, Broken Spray, Smashed Spray


    Use brushes simulating different tip diameters to create realistic pen drawings: Gel Pen .3 mm, Gel Pen .4 mm, Gel Pen .6 mm, Rollerball .3 mm, Rollerball .4 mm, Ballpoint .3mm, Ballpoint .4 mm

    Basic Brush

    Paint with simple round brushes or create pixel art images: Soft Basic, Medium Basic, Hard Basic, Pixel


    Dozens of erasers from regular to stylized: Kneaded Eraser, Vinyl Eraser, Rubber Eraser, Light Eraser, Soft Eraser, Hard Eraser, Block Eraser, Pastel Eraser, Cloud Eraser, Electric Eraser, Soap Eraser, and Pixel Eraser

    Distort tools

    6 powerful Distort tools to easily reshape areas of an image

    Intuitive two-finger gestures to control all Distort tools at the same time

    All Distort tools have adjustable stroke size and strength to reshape areas more precisely

    Zoom-aware editing — the size of the stroke is adjusted to the current zoom level

    All Distort tools are powered by Metal — an incredibly fast graphics processing technology that gives all Distort tools amazing editing speed and stunning quality


    Drag your finger to pull an area of an image in any direction you want


    ouch and hold down your finger to bloat an area of an image


    Touch and hold down your finger to squeeze an area of an image

    Twirl Left

    Touch and hold down your finger to twist or twirl an area of an image

    Twirl Right

    Touch and hold down your finger to twist or twirl an area of an image


    Swipe over an area to quickly and easily reduce or undo the changes you’ve made

  • Selection Tools

    6 pixel-precise tools

    Live selection preview for both the Quick Selection and Color Selection tools

    Easily invert selections

    3 different selection modes – Create New, Add To, and Subtract From.

    Soften borders of selections to blend in better with the rest of the image

    Resize selections

    Rotate selection to change its angle

    Cut, copy, and paste selection content as a new layer

    Paint, retouch, apply effects, and adjust colors to selected areas

    Free Selection

    Draw selections of any size or shape to select irregularly shaped objects

    Elliptical Selection

    Draw rounded selections around oval or round objects

    Rectangular Selection

    Draw square or rectangular selections around square-shaped objects

    Color Selection

    Select similarly colored areas as you drag on an image canvas

    Quick Selection

    Simply swipe over areas to make incredibly precise selections

    Magnetic Selection

    Make detailed selections by tracing the edges of objects in your image


    Layer-based image editing

    Create new, duplicate, delete, rename, or hide layers

    Create editable text and shape layers

    Insert black, white, empty layers, or layers copied to the clipboard

    Add layers from FaceTime

    Create layers using images from your Photos library

    Insert layers from the Files browser

    Adjust layer opacity

    Lock layers and groups

    Group layers

    Merge grouped layers

    Arrange layers

    Move layers to back or front

    Rotate layers left or right

    Flip layers vertically or horizontally

    Resize layers

    Use precise layout tools

    Smart alignment guides, including center guides, edge guides, and spacing guides

    Snapping to layers and image edges

    Non-destructive layer styles: Fill — fill layers with gradient or solid color; Stroke — apply gradient or solid color stroke, and choose stroke width; Shadow — add shadow by setting shadow offset, color, blur and opacity; Reflection — add a reflection effect and adjust its opacity

    Layer blending modes: Normal, Dissolve, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Darken Color, Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Linear Burn, Darker Color, Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Linear Dodge, Lighter Dodge, Overly, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Pin Light, Hard Mix, Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, Divide, Hue, Saturate, Color, and Luminosity

    The number of layers you can create depends on the image size and the memory available on your device

    You can open images of up to 256 megapixels

    Color Adjustments

    Unique color adjustment technology that combines all adjustments non-destructively

    Live histogram to view color values in real-time

    Intelligent saturation increase algorithm leaves no artifacts so you can play with it as much as you want

    Intelligent saturation decrease algorithm happens in linear color space to preserve natural color as much as possible

    Incredibly fast adjustments because Pixelmator utilizes CPU and GPU at the same time


    Instantly enhance colors with 8 presets designed for single-tap color adjustments


    Control image shadows, highlights, and overall image tonality with the help of live histograms

    Brightness & Contrast

    Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation allow quick brightness and contrast color corrections

    Color Balance

    Color Balance allows the overall color mixing in an image while maintaining its tonal balance

    White Balance

    Remove color cast with the neutral color reference, temperature, and tint controls


    Live histogram gives full control over the adjustments to an image’s tonal range


    14 breathtaking effects with multiple style variations

    Blur, Sharpen, Vignette, and Noise effects have a wheel to control the effect strength

    Light Leak, Bokeh, Miniaturize, Focus, Bump, Pinch, and Kaleidoscope effects have a rope to control the center and size of the effect

    The effect rope to control the placement and size of the effects

    The rope reacts to built-in accelerometer to change its real-life look as you move your iPad or iPhone


    Softens an entire image or selected area to create a more focused area or soften the details


    Increases the clarity in a photo by strengthening hard edges and increasing contrast


    Darkens the edges of an image to create a dark soft-edged frame around it. The Vintage effect is available in 7 different styles: Bauhaus, Art Deco, Romantic, Retro, Hippie, Punk, and Urban


    Creates a strong or light grainy look to give an image a more vibrant look

    Hue & Saturation

    Changes overall image colors and tonality or selected color channels. The brightness and saturation levels are maintained to keep the image colors beautifully balanced


    Applies a coordinated set of colors with some grain to create an aged image look

    Black & White

    Changes images into professional-looking black and white pictures with a tint of grain. The Black & White effect is available in 7 different styles: Washed, Bright, Mellow, Faded, Inky, Dark, and Grainy

    Light Leak

    Applies bright color strokes of light to an image in various color sets and arrangements. The Light Leak effect is available in 7 different styles: Nebula, Arcturus, Rigel, Taurus, Orion, Lyra, Vega, and Pavo


    Applies brightly colored circles to create a blurred and out-of-focus effect in an image. The Bokeh effect in available in 7 different styles: Magnolia, Amber, Emerald, Apricot, Ruby, Celeste, and Ivory


    Blurs an image’s content below and above the selected area to simulate a toy-model world


    Blurs image contents around the edges to focus on the center of the image


    Creates a selected size bump in the image area that has been selected and pushes it upwards


    Pinches the image content inward to distort the edges of an image the most


    Creates a kaleidoscopic image from an opened image by applying 12-way symmetry

  • Text and Shapes

    Choose from over 70 fonts, change size, apply gradient or solid color, choose character style, and set the alignment and line spacing


    Choose from 24 predesigned text styles or apply custom fonts

    Fine-tune the look of text using a full set of advanced typography features for adjusting the font size, alignment, line spacing, color, or change the typographical emphasis to bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough

    Fill text with a solid color, gradient, or apply layer styles such as Shadow, Stroke, Reflection, and others

    Copy and paste text between documents


    Choose from 15 predesigned shapes: Square, Ellipse, Right Triangle, Rhombus, Heart, Line, and 9 Smart Shapes — Rounded Rectangle, Triangle, Arrow, Double-Headed Arrow, Elliptical and Rectangular Speech Bubbles, Polygon, Star, and Flower

    Adjust shapes with smart controls: Rounded Rectangle — sharpen or make more round corners; Triangle and Polygon — change the number of sides; Arrow and Double-Sided Arrow — adjust the arrow width and size of the arrowhead; Rectangular Speech Bubble —change the corner radius of the speech bubble and width and length of its tail; Elliptical Speech Bubble — change the tail width and length, Star — change the number of points and their shape, Flower — change the length and number of petals

    9 different gradient fill styles: blue, cyan, lime green, yellow, orange, red, magenta, purple, or no fill

    Customize shapes using easy-to-use, non-destructive Style controls: Opacity, Blending, Fill, Stroke, Shadow, and Reflection


    9 top-quality, brush-based retouching tools: Lighten, Darken, Smudge, Sharpen, Soften, Saturate, Desaturate, Clone, and Repair

    Brush tip size and softness adjustments

    Zoom aware editing — the size of the stroke is adjusted to the current zoom level


    Easily brush over the area to lighten image shadows or any other areas that are too dark


    Brush to fix an overexposed image area or emphasize darker shadows in your photos


    Subtly sharpen to increase image details by increasing the contrast on brushed areas


    Paint over areas of an image you’d like to make less sharp and detailed


    Easily blend colors in areas of an image, soften hard edges and sharp details, or create special effects


    Gives an extra burst and vibrancy of color on the image to the areas being brushed


    Tones down the colors on the image in the areas being brushed until they are in black and white


    Use a brush to copy one part of an image onto another part of the same image


    Quickly and seamlessly remove anything from an image

    The Repair Selection feature instantly repairs a selected area

    Advanced Repair tool technologies:

    Patches — remove selected areas by replacing them with small pieces (patches) of images surrounding them

    Smart technology — sophisticated repairing algorithms for stunning repairing quality

    Color correction — each patch is color-corrected so that it matches the background of the area being repaired

    Transition area — adjusts the imprecise selection of an object so that entire object can be removed

    Structure matching — matches the color and the structure of the background area

    Patch flipping — flips the patches to make the repairing smoother

    Larger patching area — larger patches have more information, which makes it easier to repair an image more seamlessly

    iOS and iPadOS Integration

    Native support for all iPhone and iPad devices powered by Apple silicon

    Image processing powered by Metal

    Built for the Retina display

    State-of-the-art, Metal-powered painting engine

    Use beautiful Pixelmator effects in the Photos extension

    Sidecar and Apple Pencil support

    Support for iOS Continuity features like Handoff, Universal Control, and AirDrop

    Full support for the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, including gestures

    Over 50 keyboard shortcuts


    Split View

    Use your FaceTime camera to insert pictures to your compositions

    Quick Look support

    Drag and drop support

    Grand Central Dispatch to take advantage of multicore hardware

    Core Image brings near-real-time performance for processing tasks on GPU

    vImage improves high-performance image processing tasks on CPU

    Accelerate Framework improves CPU usage on demanding tasks

    Share and Export

    Create and share images in Pixelmator file format — PXM — to work on them during multiple editing sessions

    Open Pixelmator Pro documents and export to PXD file format

    Export images to other popular file formats, including HEIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and Adobe Photoshop

    Adjust the quality of HEIF and JPEG images

    Export PNG and TIFF images using 8-bit or 16-bit color depth

    Export images using 50%, 25% scaling, or custom dimensions

    Save edited images images to Files or iCloud Drive

    Save copies of edited images to Photos

    Save edited images back to Photos, overwriting originals

    Copy images to paste in other apps


    English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

    System Requirements

    Pixelmator for iOS requires iOS 14 or later