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Intro to Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use image editor for Mac. You can use it to edit your photos, create brand new images, build designs and layouts, and do a whole lot more.

To start editing, open an existing image or create a new document. Just choose an option from the Pixelmator Pro welcome screen or the File menu at the top of the screen.

Select tools from the Tools sidebar to nondestructively edit, arrange, and transform your images, or add text, pictures, and shapes to build multi-layered compositions. You can use the options in the Tool Options pane to additionally customize the tools’ settings.

After you're done editing, save all edits to the original image, create a new Pixelmator Pro project, or export it to other file formats.

This guide helps you get started using Pixelmator Pro 3.3. To see the version of Pixelmator Pro on your Mac, choose Pixelmator Pro > About Pixelmator Pro (from the Pixelmator Pro menu at the top of your screen).

For more help getting started with Pixelmator Pro, click the links at the bottom of this page, browse the topics in the Table of Contents, or click at the top of this window to search for a specific topic.

Pixelmator Pro User Guide