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Snap a selection around an object or area in an image

The Magnetic Selection tool is used to trace selections around objects and areas in images as it snaps to any contours or edges.

Use the Magnetic Selection tool

  1. Choose the Magnetic Selection tool by doing one of the following:

    • Click in the Tools sidebar or choose it from the grouped tools.
    • Choose Tools > Select > Magnetic Selection (from the Tools menu at the top of your screen).

    Tip: You can cycle through Magnetic, Free, and Polygonal selection tools by pressing Shift ⇧ + L on your keyboard.

  2. In the Tool Options pane, customize the options for the Magnetic Selection tool:

    • Sample All Layers: Select to make selections based not just on the active layer, but your entire visible image.
  3. Click in your image to add anchor points and guide your selection around the object or area you'd like to select. To reselect an anchor point, click the last added point to remove it, then click to add a new anchor point.

To complete your selection, click the first anchor point or press the Return ↵ key.

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