Pixelmator for iOS Updates
and Release Notes

Pixelmator 2.8.3 for iOS (Released on December 1, 2022) View in App Store

Pixelmator 2.8.3 brings a few small fixes.

Pixelmator 2.8.2 for iOS (Released on November 23, 2022)

Pixelmator 2.8.2 brings a few small fixes.

Pixelmator 2.8.1 for iOS (Released on October 24, 2022)

Pixelmator 2.8.1 brings a few small fixes.

Pixelmator 2.8 for iOS (Released on October 24, 2022)

Pixelmator 2.8 brings full compatibility with iOS and iPadOS 16.1, makes the most of the incredible Apple Pencil hover experience on the new iPad Pro, includes the machine learning-powered Select Subject feature, and more.

• Enjoy full support for the powerful new iPadOS 16.1 and the new iPad Pro.
• Thanks to iPadOS 16.1 and virtual memory swap on newer iPad models, you can open and edit documents larger than ever before.
• Speed up editing workflows with the magical Apple Pencil hover on the new iPad Pro.
• Automatically select a subject in an image with the new Select Subject feature.
• Take advantage of the on-canvas, live selection previews to make quick and precise selections using the Quick Selection tool.
• When cloning, hover your Apple Pencil over the target area to see a live preview of the area you'll be cloning from.
• Find handy options for saving and sharing documents by tapping the document name in the toolbar.

Pixelmator 2.7.4 for iOS (Released on September 23, 2022)

Pixelmator 2.7.4 for iOS adds a few improvements and fixes for the brush-based tools.

• Pixelmator will now show numeric values for size, opacity, and strength when working with brush-based tools.
• When selecting brushes using the Paint or Erase tools, their size and opacity settings will always be reset to default.
• The Repair tool would not repair outside the edges of an image. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.7.3 for iOS (Released on August 22, 2022)

Pixelmator 2.7.3 for iOS brings improvements and fixes to a few more areas.

• Retouching tools with reduced opacity will now blend the same way they do in Pixelmator Pro.
• Documents created using some of the older Pixelmator versions could not be opened. Fixed.
• When pasting text into a document, Pixelmator would sometimes use the HTML format. Fixed.
• Creating images from Photos, Templates, or Presets would sometimes show the "Unable to Open Image" alert. Fixed.
• Documents with the Slash (/) symbol in their filenames would not export. Fixed.
• In certain situations, saving images to Photos would not work. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.7.2 for iOS (Released on August 3, 2022)

Pixelmator 2.7.2 for iOS brings a few important stability improvements and fixes.

• Applying gradient fills to layers and layer styles would not work correctly. Fixed.
• Opening the Cut, Copy, or Paste shortcut menu when editing text would quit the editing mode. Fixed.
• Documents with multiple group layers wouldn’t open. Fixed.
• Aligning text would sometimes cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• When attempting to use the Color Selection or Quick Selection tools, Pixelmator would sometimes quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• Pixelmator would quit unexpectedly when deleting text layers with Stroke styles applied. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.7 for iOS (Released on July 14, 2022)

Pixelmator 2.7 for iOS brings a refreshed, more modern design, adds support for Pixelmator Pro documents, improves performance, introduces new export options, and more.

New Features

• Pixelmator 2.7 brings a fresh new design that makes it easier to use than ever before.
• Enjoy support for opening and exporting Pixelmator Pro documents.
• Thanks to performance improvements and a new Metal-powered painting engine, Pixelmator is now even faster.
• The Export feature is now more powerful with new export formats, customizable quality, size, and color depth settings.


• The Pixelmator painting engine is now powered by Metal, bringing much improved painting performance.
• Adjust brush settings more quickly using the new Size and Softness sliders.
• A number of new brushes from Pixelmator Pro have been added.
• Create custom crop presets using the improved Crop tool.
• Improved support for PSD files thanks to the new PSD engine — the same one used in Pixelmator Pro on Mac.
• Adjust selections and switch between different selection tools more easily using new menus.
• Quickly hide and show the Layers sidebar using the new View button.
• Use the new Style and Arrange tools to format layers.
• Most text buttons have been replaced with beautifully-designed icons.
• When adjusting the size of images, you can now access the constrain proportions, flip, and rotate options more quickly.
• Layer styles will now be displayed on layer thumbnails.
• Learn about the latest additions to Pixelmator in the What's New in Pixelmator window.
• What's New — together with Image Setup, Guides, Pixelmator Help, and Support — is now available from the new More menu in the toolbar.
• You can now adjust the quality of HEIF and JPEG files, export PNG and TIFF images using 8-bit or 16-bit color depth, scale images to 50%, 25%, or custom size.
• Export images to more file formats: HEIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator for iOS, and Pixelmator Pro.

Pixelmator 2.6.4 for iOS (Released on July 14, 2021)

Pixelmator 2.6.4 fixes an issue where opening the Font picker would sometimes cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly.

Pixelmator 2.6.3 for iOS (Released on November 23, 2020)

Pixelmator 2.6.3 brings one new keyboard shortcut and a few fixes.

• You can now select the Clone tool by pressing the O key.
• When exporting images with transparency to PNG, their transparency would not be preserved. Fixed.
• In certain cases, a flattened version of incompatible Pixelmator files would be opened automatically without explaining why they were incompatible. Fixed.
• Sometimes, certain brushes would not appear in the brushes browser. Fixed.
• Undoing edits using keyboard shortcuts while using the selection tools would cause the redo stack to be cleared. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.6.2 for iOS (Released on October 14, 2020)

This update removes the “Draw with Apple Pencil only” option and adds a few small fixes.

Pixelmator 2.6.1 for iOS (Released on October 6, 2020)

Pixelmator 2.6.1 for iOS brings a few smaller fixes.

• When using brush-based tools, the image would sometimes be panned when trying to paint a brushstroke. Fixed.
• With an active selection, pressing the delete key would delete the layer instead of the selected area. Fixed.
• Keyboard shortcuts would stop working if the app was in the background for a long time or Pixelmator was reopened with a restored document. Fixed.
• The position of the canvas when using the Crop and Add Effects tools was incorrect. Fixed.
• When using the Pixelmator editing extension in Photos, Control-clicking the image would cause the extension to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• When using the Pixelmator editing extension in Photos, attempting to pan the photo could cause the extension to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.6 for iOS (Released on September 30, 2020)

Pixelmator 2.6 brings full support for iOS and iPadOS 14, adds support for using Pixelmator with a Magic Keyboard, trackpad, or mouse, includes 73 new keyboard shortcuts, and features a number of additional improvements and fixes.

• Pixelmator is now fully compatible with iOS and iPadOS 14.
• You can now use Pixelmator for iPadOS with a Magic Keyboard, trackpad, or mouse.
• Speed up your editing with 73 new keyboard shortcuts — press and hold the Command key while editing to see some of the most important ones. A full list is also available in the Pixelmator for iOS help manual.
• Tapping the name of the image in the toolbar will now present the option to save it.
• The color picker will now remember the position in the image it was last picked from.
• Drag & drop should no longer be activated when tapping and holding layers after having started editing them.
• The Hidden category from your Photos library will now be accessible from the Photos browser.
• When exporting images, the PPI setting would be automatically set to 72, even when the original images had a different resolution. Fixed.
• Images in the clipboard in GIF format could not be used to create new files. Fixed.
• Document thumbnails would not be loaded correctly on older versions of iOS. Fixed.
• If rulers were visible, the status bar would not be hidden when hiding the toolbar. Fixed.
• When resizing tall and thin or short and wide images, it would not be possible to enter certain sizes. Fixed.
• Attempting to pick a color from an empty layer would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.5.5 for iOS (Released on June 8, 2020)

Pixelmator 2.5.5 brings a few improvements to the Export sheet and adds some fixes to keep the app running smoothly.

• After choosing an export format, it’s now possible to go back and change it.
• When exporting images, the file extension will now be displayed when choosing the export location.
• The Export sheet will now display some information about the file being shared: its name, size, and format.
• Album thumbnails in the Photos browser will now load more quickly.
• Sometimes, after selecting image areas, the selections would actually be completely empty and it would not be possible to edit them. Fixed.
• In certain cases, the What’s New screen would not appear after updating. Fixed.
• Attempting to open an image in the Pixelmator editing extension in Photos would sometimes cause the extension to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• In iOS 11 and iOS 12, opening Pixelmator documents would sometimes cause the app to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.5.4 for iOS (Released on May 26, 2020)

• Pixelmator 2.5.4 fixes an issue with moving selected image areas.

Pixelmator 2.5.3 for iOS (Released on May 21, 2020)

• Using a mouse or trackpad to move layers would not work. Fixed.
• The thumbnails of Photos albums would sometimes flicker. Fixed.
• With Dark Mode turned on, certain interface elements would be displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
• When previewing photos in fullscreen, swiping down to dismiss previews in the Photos browser would make the tab bar disappear. Fixed.
• Adjusting the line spacing of text would sometimes cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• Adjusting the alignment of text would sometimes cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.5.2 for iOS (Released on May 18, 2020)

• When capturing screenshots, you can now tap Full Page to take a screenshot of your entire image without any interface elements.
• Fonts installed using the new custom font support in iOS 13 will now appear in Pixelmator.
• The design of the font picker has been refreshed.
• When creating new images, the order of tabs has been rearranged with Photos first, Presets second, and Templates last.
• After closing and reopening the Photos browser, the position you scrolled to will now be remembered.
• After closing documents, the Browse tab and the location of the file will now be shown instead of the Recents tab.
• The color of the buttons in the Files and Photos browsers is now blue to make them a little more visible.
• When using the Free Selection tool, selecting outside the edges of the canvas would cause the selection to appear to be automatically closed. Fixed.
• On iOS 11 and 12, document thumbnails would not be displayed in the browser. Fixed.
• Attempting to group layers would occasionally cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.5.1 for iOS (Released on May 5, 2020)

• The text of the Create Document button has been changed to Create Image.
• The aspect ratio of the Create Image button is now 4:3.
• On iPhone Plus models, rotating the device to landscape and back to portrait while viewing the document browser would make the status bar disappear. Fixed.
• With Rulers turned on, they would appear when creating an image using the Custom preset. Fixed.
• After creating an image using the Custom preset, the buttons in Image Setup would be incorrect. Fixed.
• When creating images using the Custom preset, tapping cancel would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• Creating images from presets on devices that don’t support those sizes would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• In certain situations, grouping layers would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• Moving a selection while a popover is open would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.5 for iOS (Released on April 21, 2020)

• Use the new Files-based document browser to open and manage all your Pixelmator documents.
• Thanks to the new browser, it’s now easier to open and edit images in iCloud, on your device, in external locations, or even in third-party cloud storage services.
• With a brand new photo browser, you can now browse and open images in your Photos library more easily than ever.
• Use the new image size presets to quickly create new images with common sizes.
• Take Photo and Open Most Recent Photo have been added as quick actions.
• The selected Flash mode will be preserved after closing and reopening the Camera.
• The strength of the True Tone effect will now be reduced when editing in Pixelmator.
• If certain third-party apps used the PXM extension for their files, having those apps installed could prevent Pixelmator from creating or opening files. Fixed.
• Fixed a number of memory management issues.
• The Pixelmator for iOS Help would sometimes be displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
• Having the Full Keyboard Access accessibility setting turned on would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.4.7 for iOS (Released on October 9, 2019)

Pixelmator 2.4.7 for iOS includes some fixes for issues introduced with iOS 13.

Pixelmator 2.4.6 for iOS (Released on August 9, 2019)

Pixelmator 2.4.6 for iOS improves compatibility with future versions of iOS.

Pixelmator 2.4.5 for iOS (Released on July 29, 2019)

Pixelmator 2.4.5 for iOS improves compatibility with future versions of iOS.

Pixelmator 2.4.4 for iOS (Released on February 12, 2019)

This update adds support for the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and brings a number of fixes.

• The Pixelmator interface has now been optimized for the newest iPad Pro.
• The double-tap gesture of the new Apple Pencil is now supported.
• Wherever possible, Pixelmator will respect your global settings for the double-tap gesture.
• The Noise, Hue, Miniaturize, and Hue effects were not working in the Photos extension. Fixed.
• The canvas was being incorrectly centered in both the app and the Pixelmator Photos extension. Fixed.
• After making a selection and movi​ng it, tapping a part of the selection outside the bounds of the original layer would deselect the layer. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.4.3 for iOS (Released on October 4, 2018)

​This update makes Pixelmator compatible with iOS 12 and adds a few additional improvements and fixes.

• Added several new aspect ratios to the Crop tool.
• To make it easier to rasterize non-image layers, Convert into Pixels is now available as an option in various popovers.
• Image thumbnails in various places in Pixelmator for iOS would be displayed as solid grey. Fixed.
• When tapping and holding a layer, the delay before drag & drop is activated has been increased.
• Drag & drop will no longer be activated when you hold a layer in place if you've already moved it.
• The Undo button has been moved slightly to the right to prevent accidentally exiting to the gallery.
• The tappable area of the buttons in the toolbar has been increased to prevent accidentally hiding it.
• When saving a copy of an image to the Photos app, the original format will be preserved (however, when saving to the same image, JPEG will still be used as is required by iOS).
• Save to Photos will no longer be shown as an option if the imported image was created on another device and it would not be possible to overwrite the original.
• Using the Distort tools on the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max would create transparent areas in the image. Fixed.
• Pixelmator for iOS would sometimes stop responding when opening the gallery while syncing with iCloud. Fixed.
• Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Pixelmator for iOS to quit unexpectedly when creating images from the Photos app.
• Added a few other fixes to prevent Pixelmator for iOS from quitting unexpectedly.

Pixelmator 2.4.2 for iOS (Released on March 20, 2018)

Pixelmator 2.4.2 for iOS features a number of stability improvements and bug fixes.

• Newly created Pixelmator files will now appear in the Recents tab of the Files app.
• The new layer popover was being displayed incorrectly in landscape on iPhone X. Fixed.
• The Retouch and Distort tool previews shown when adjusting the Size and Strength sliders were being displayed incorrectly in landscape on iPhone X. Fixed.
• Pixelmator for iOS would sometimes quit unexpectedly when trying to load user-installed fonts. Fixed.
• Previewing certain effects would cause the canvas to be centered incorrectly. Fixed.
• Editing an empty text layer would sometimes make Pixelmator for iOS quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
• Fixed an issue with grouping and reordering layers that would occasionally make Pixelmator for iOS quit unexpectedly.

Pixelmator 2.4.1 for iOS (Released on November 20, 2017)

Pixelmator 2.4.1 for iOS includes full support for iPhone X as well as a number of stability fixes and performance improvements.

• Pixelmator for iOS is now fully compatible with iPhone X.
• The canvas would not animate correctly when rotating a device. Fixed.
• The app would sometimes crash when selecting areas near the edge of the canvas with the Color Selection tool. Fixed.
• On rare occasions, the app would hang when creating a new document if iCloud Drive was disabled. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.4 Cobalt for iOS (Released on October 10, 2017)

Pixelmator 2.4 Cobalt for iOS is fully compatible with iOS 11, adds support for Drag and Drop so you can move images and graphics between Pixelmator for iPad and other apps more easily than ever, includes support for importing HEIF images, and more.

• Pixelmator for iOS is now fully compatible with iOS 11.
• Drag and Drop support lets you move images and graphics between Pixelmator for iPad and other apps more easily than ever.
• Support for importing HEIF images.
• Pixelmator would quit unexpectedly when zooming in after starting a selection. Fixed.
• The composition would sometimes disappear when adding or removing layers. Fixed.
• Certain buttons in the Color and Format popovers would occasionally not respond to touches. Fixed.
• Pixelmator would sometimes stop responding after closing an image and immediately opening it again. Fixed.

Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS (Released on July 19, 2016)

Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS brings an incredible Quick Selection Tool, a powerful and precise Magnetic Selection Tool, features many small, but awesome improvements to the selection experience on iOS, and more.


• The advanced Quick Selection Tool lets you make incredibly accurate selections.
• The smart Magnetic Selection Tool snaps precisely to the objects you trace.
• Many small, but awesome changes improve the selection experience on iOS.

Selection improvements:

• When making selections, you can now tap Invert to invert your selection.
• The outline of selections made with the Color Selection Tool is more precise thanks to a content-aware smoothing algorithm, which can recognize hard and smooth edges.
• The all-new marching ants design improves performance and has ants that actually march around your selections.
• The Color Selection Tool is now faster (especially on older devices).
• Added a Create New selection mode, which is now the default.
• A live preview of your final selection is now shown when using the Add or Subtract selection modes.
• You can now transform selections in the Arrange pane – go to the Tools menu > Format > Arrange to find it.
• Selections now snap to layers and the canvas, just like layers do (but you can turn this off by turning off Guides).
• Selections made with the Free Selection, Rectangular Selection, and Elliptical Selection tools now always snap to pixels, meaning there won’t be any unwanted, half-transparent pixels at the edges of a selection when you copy, delete, or transform it.
• The selection paths of the Free Selection Tool are now made up of twice as many points, which makes those selections more smooth.
• Selections are now clipped to the canvas, which makes it easier to precisely select objects at the edges of your image.
• When you open up Select with an already selected area, the selection tool that you were using previously will automatically become active so you can continue from where you left off.
• The Refine Selection slider is now wider.
• When using the Free Selection and Magnetic Selection tools, there is now a point showing you the end of the selection path.
• If you tapped Refine while having a selection from two parts (created with the Add or Subtract selection modes), the two selections would be merged into one with no way to separate them – now, they’ll be separate even after you refine your selection.
• When you add to or subtract from a selection using the Quick Selection or Color Selection tools, the selection is updated immediately and you don’t have to tap outside the selection.
• Removed Selection Tip Labels, which used to have tips like ‘Drag to add to selection’ and ‘Tap outside selection’ as the new way the selection tools work doesn’t need them.
• When moving a selected area, dragging inside the selection will move it, dragging outside the selection will pan the image.
• When using the Quick Selection or Color Selection tools, you can now start a new selection from inside an already selected area. Previously, this would move the selection (now, tap and hold the selection to move it).
• When using the Add or Subtract selection modes, you can now drag inside an already selected area to edit it. Previously, this would move the selection (now, tap and hold the selection to move it).
• The selection outline that is added as you select with the Free Selection Tool now has a subtle animation.
• When making selections with the Quick Selection or Color Selection tools, the overlay that shows a preview of your selection now fades into the marching ants.
• Tapping Undo after transforming a selected area sometimes used to make that area flicker. Fixed.
• If you transformed a selection and then painted inside it, an unnecessary ‘Apply Selection Transform’ undo step used to be added between the ‘Transform’ and ‘Paint’ steps – it’s now just the one step.
• An unnecessary ‘Apply Selection Transform’ undo step was also added if you cancelled out of Adjust Colors, Crop, Distort, or Retouch after transforming a selection – that undo step is also gone.
• When using the Free Selection Tool, quickly tapping could sometimes make really small selections instead of adding points (especially when using Apple Pencil). Fixed.

Improvements and bug fixes:

• Use a two finger double tap to zoom in or zoom to fit.
• The 9:16 aspect ratio is now in the list of ratios in Crop.
• The request to let Pixelmator access your Photos library wouldn’t appear if you tried to save to Photos before having opened an image from Photos – it does now.
• If you use Copy to Photos to save a new image to your Photos library, you’ll now be able to use Save to Photos to save over that new image.
• The distance from which layers and selections snap to other elements in the image is now smaller, making it easier to move objects precisely while still having Guides enabled.
• When using Paint and Erase, Retouch, Distort, or Select, holding or tapping with two fingers will never be interpreted as a tool input, so you can zoom and pan more carefully without accidentally editing the image.
• If you drag a layer that is not selected (the transform handles are not visible) and it does not fit in the screen, the layer will not be moved. To move it – first, tap to select it.
• If a layer is not selected, quickly swiping over the layer will not move it.
• When you hold two fingers to rotate a layer but one or both fingers are outside the currently selected layer, other layers in your image will not be selected – first tap to select the layer you want to rotate, then hold two fingers inside it to start rotating.
• Certain third-party apps include separate text information when copying and pasting images and this text would be pasted into Pixelmator instead of the image. Now, the image will always be pasted.
• Improved how the swipe gesture is detected when opening or closing the Layers bar, making it much easier to do this.
• It is now easier to resize very narrow layers.
• Zoom animations are a little more smooth as they now have subtle ease-out transitions.
• When moving an area of an image with an active selection, the Rulers will now show the position of that area correctly.
• Changing the width of the speech bubble shape’s tail used to be impossible if the other green handles of the shape were not visible. Fixed.
• Fixed an issue that caused Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly when closing a group in the Layers bar while using Adjust Colors or Distort.

Apple Pencil improvements and bug fixes:

• The brush size of the Quick Selection Tool is pressure-sensitive – press more firmly for a larger selection brush, less so for a smaller one.
• Selections made using Apple Pencil and the Free Selection Tool are now more accurate.
• The transform handle area is now smaller, giving you more precision.
• Layers could sometimes move slightly when tapping to select them. Fixed.

Pixelmator for iPhone improvements:

• The Select and Distort tool choosers are now laid out more symmetrically.
• The selection mode in the Select tool chooser is highlighted more clearly.
• Tapping to choose a selection mode will now close the Select tool chooser.

Pixelmator 2.2.1 for iOS (Released on December 17, 2015)

• 30 more brushes now support the Tilt feature of the Apple Pencil.
• Distort tools work faster than before when editing large images.
• Applying multiple effects to large images in the Pixelmator Photos Extension works smoothly.
• Improved stability when opening images.
• The Pixelmator icon looks more crisp on the home screen of the iPad Pro.
• Fixed an issue where, after changing either text size or rotation, you had to close and reopen the text format popover to change the other.
• Removed the option to flip text.
• Fixed an issue on 3D Touch devices where the app would quit unexpectedly when using Peek and Pop in an empty Pixelmator Gallery.

Pixelmator 2.2 for iOS (Released on December 10, 2015)

Pixelmator 2.2 for iOS works great on the iPad Pro, fully supports the new Apple Pencil, adds 3D Touch support, and more.

Pixelmator now works great on the new iPad Pro

• Create and edit images with Pixelmator on the iPad Pro.
• Sketch and paint even more naturally with full Apple Pencil and palm-rejection support, as well as specially tailored brushes, featuring pressure, tilt, and acceleration sensitivity.
• Open and edit images up to 100 megapixels.

Pixelmator adds 3D Touch support on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

• Paint with 3D Touch-sensitivity.
• Press firmly on the Pixelmator icon on the home screen to instantly open your Pixelmator gallery, create a new image, or open an image from Photos.
• Press firmly on an image in your Pixelmator gallery to quickly preview it, duplicate it, share it, copy it to Photos, or to delete it.

More great improvements and fixes

• A collection of artist-designed Basic brushes, including the new Pixel brush.
• Enhanced crop and straighten performance.
• Auto-straighten to straighten images with a single tap.
• Cropping-lines now snap to objects in your composition.
• Ability to increase font size up to 1000 pixels.
• Pixelmator is no longer the default app for opening PDF documents from iCloud Drive.
• Text with a shadow is now exported correctly.
• Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Pixelmator 2.1 for iOS (Released on September 23, 2015)

Pixelmator 2.1 for iOS update includes support for iOS 9, multitasking on iPad via Split View and Slide Over, 8K resolution support, Open in Place and Save to Photos features, and more.

• Pixelmator now works great on the new iOS 9.
• Multitasking on iPad with Split View and Slide Over lets you use Pixelmator for iPad and any other app at the same time.
• Open and edit images in stunning 8K resolution.
• Open in Place feature lets you open Pixelmator images from anywhere you want and save the changes you make in the exact same place.
• Save to Photos lets you open an image from Photos and save the changes you make onto the same image without creating a copy.
• Use Spotlight to quickly find your Pixelmator documents.
• Copy Image lets you quickly copy the entire image composition to Clipboard.
• San Francisco is now the new user interface font.

Pixelmator 2.0.2 for iOS (Released on July 14, 2015)

We’ve redefined the performance of the Repair tool, added Dynamic Touch to all Retouch tools, improved the Photo Editing extension, and more.

• The Repair tool is now up to 5 times faster and even more precise.
• Dynamic Touch lets you adjust the stroke size of all Retouch tools by simply using the tip of your finger to create thin strokes and a larger surface area of your finger for thicker lines.
• Lots of improvements to the Photo Editing extension and more.

Improvements and bug fixes

• The Blur effect lets you apply more blur to your images.
• The Pinch and Bump effects now look even better.
• We’ve fixed the Effects thumbnails of very wide images.
• Now you can Cancel or Apply an effect with the settings popover open.
• The Clone tool now starts cloning grouped layers when and where you ask it to.
• The Retouch tools now work just as they should on layers with Lock Alpha on.
• The rhombus shape looks much more crisp.
• The Font Size setting had no effect on a few fonts. Fixed.
• The values of the Color Balance settings used to stay the same after applying Undo. Fixed.
• Previously, after canceling color adjustments for text, shape or grouped layers, you were still able to Undo the adjustments that you never made. Fixed.
• Removed Undo Image Size after creating a new Custom Image.
• The Replace Photo popover is now displayed properly when customizing a template at a high zoom level.
• We’ve made it easier to zoom the canvas into Fit and Full-Screen views.
• Your canvas now also fits the screen nicely after rotating the device with the Tools popover open.
• Browsing the Image Gallery is easier, when you can start swiping from the Name or Date labels, too.
• Images copied from Messages and other text-based apps are now pasted properly.
• Shapes with gradients created with Pixelmator for iOS look just the same on Pixelmator for Mac.
• Now you can see Pixelmator document thumbnails in the iCloud Drive Document Picker.
• Once in a while, the Photo Editing extension used to stop responding while saving changes. We found the reason and fixed it.
• The Photo Editing extension used to save the changes you made, even if you made no changes. Fixed.
• The app used to quit unexpectedly when you tried to enter Effects while editing a very wide image. Not anymore.
• We’ve improved the stability of the app when opening PSD documents with custom fonts.
• The Low Disk Space alert is now displayed only when you launch the app.
• Once in a while, the app used to stop responding after running in the background. Not anymore.
• The app would sometimes stop responding when opening an image from another app or via Handoff. We fixed this.

Improvements and fixes to Pixelmator for iPad:

• We’ve updated to the latest Adonit stylus SDK for a better painting experience.
• Replaced the Brush Tool and Eraser Tool stylus shortcut options with one Toggle Eraser option.
• Fixed an issue with Stylus Shortcuts, which sometimes used to perform two actions at the same time.
• First Writing Style was available but non-selectable. Fixed.

Other performance and stability improvements, minor bug fixes.

Pixelmator 2.0.1 for iOS (Released on May 28, 2015)

New features

• Pixelmator is now available for iPhone.
• Metal-powered Distort tools allow you to pinch, bump, twirl, and warp areas of your images.
• The Clone tool lets you duplicate areas of your image.
• The new Repair Selection feature instantly repairs selected areas.

Other improvements and bug fixes

• There are now more pre-designed shapes and text styles for you to choose from.
• We’ve added additional layer templates, too.
• The new Hue adjustment setting lets you customize the look of Light Leak and Bokeh effects.
• The enhanced Repair tool interface now lets you cancel repairing while in process, see the percent progress of the repair, and hide the layers palette while still repairing.
• You can now zoom into your image more than 1000 percent while painting, if you like.
• Working with text and shape layers is now much faster.
• Fonts are now sorted just as they should be — alphabetically.
• You can now see the color value while adjusting the white balance with the Eyedropper.
• Now you can share more than one image per session via AirDrop.
• Previously, a newly added layer would appear at the top of the layers palette. Now, it is placed above the selected layer.
• Full Screen mode now hides the bottom bar of the interface.
• Previously, the popover menus were hidden after rotating the device. We fixed that.
• We’ve updated to the latest stylus SDKs for a better painting experience.
• The app used to quit unexpectedly when it was put to sleep while repairing. Not anymore.
• We’ve also enhanced the overall performance of the app so you can enjoy a much more seamless image-editing process.

Pixelmator 1.1 for iPad (Released on March 19, 2015)

What's New in Pixelmator 1.1 Aquarelle

• Unique watercolor painting technology allows creating real-life-looking watercolor paintings
• 12 new beautiful artist-designed watercolor brushes
• The new Color Picker now features the history of your previously used colors
• Use the new Color Grid in the new Color Picker to pick colors even more precisely
• Optimized Painting Engine gives you up to 2 times faster painting performance
• Now you can open 16-bit RGB, CMYK and Grayscale Photoshop image previews, as well as Photoshop images containing layer masks
• Insert an image as a new layer right from your iCloud Drive
• Use the Lock Alpha feature to paint on the non-transparent parts of a layer
• Preview of your brush while adjusting its settings
• Open and edit RAW image previews
• Full support for Adonit Jot Script, Jot Touch 4, and Jot Touch Pixelpoint styluses
• Enhanced stylus pressure sensitivity with all styluses

Attention to Detail

• Scale images without constraining proportions: Tools > Format > Arrange > Constrain Proportions
• Invert image colors with the new Invert color adjustment preset
• Open PDF files from your email or any other app
• See precise color values while selecting colors with the Eyedropper
• Adjust the settings of an effect more accurately with enhanced slider sensitivity
• Zoom into your image while still tweaking the effect’s settings
• Rotate text more accurately with the new text rotation slider: Tools > Format > Arrange
• Toggle between full-screen mode more easily
• Optimized memory use allows to undo much faster while painting
• Cleaner Eyedropper tool interface
• Refreshed look of the Gradient Picker
• Auto Save improvements
• Updated Wacom Stylus SDK for even more precise painting


• Memory leak fixes
• Fixed Eyedropper crashes that happened while rotating the device
• Fixed adding layer from Photo Stream
• Fixed transforming maximum-sized layers
• Paint freely without affecting locked or hidden layers
• Smoothly transform maximum-sized layers
• The image no longer dims when adjusting the effect’s strength

Pixelmator 1.0 for iPad (Released on October 23, 2014)

Initial release.