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Set Apple Pencil settings

If you're working with Pixelmator Pro on an iPad (using Sidecar), you can speed up certain actions using the double-tap gesture of Apple Pencil.

Set the Apple Pencil settings

  1. Choose Pixelmator Pro > Settings (from the Pixelmator Pro menu at the top of your screen).
  2. In the Pencil tab, select the action you'd like to assign to the double-tap gesture:
    • Switch between the Paint and Erase tools: Lets you quickly switch between painting and erasing which can be useful when creating traditional paintings.
    • Show and hide the Colors window: Lets you quickly choose, pick or save colors to and from the macOS-native Colors window.
    • Undo and redo changes: Quickly undo or redo actions while working on your designs.
    • Turn off double-tap gesture for Apple Pencil: The double-tap gesture will have no special actions assigned to it.

Note: The double-tap gesture is available with 2nd generation Apple Pencils only.

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