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About effects

Using effects, you can completely change the look of images, shapes, and text in a range of different ways. All Pixelmator Pro effects are available from the Effects Browser where you can search for the effects by name or browse the categories that place similar or related effects together, such as Blur, Tile, and Stylize. The Blur category, for example, includes the Gaussian, Box, Disc, Motion, Zoom, Spin, Tilt-Shift, and Focus blur effects.

Because the effects in Pixelmator Pro are nondestructive, you can apply any number of different effects to a single layer, combining them to develop artistic or special effects of your own. What’s more, you can edit, rearrange, and remove the effects you’ve applied at any time. And the presets feature lets you save effect combinations, reuse them in any of your images, and even share them with others.

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