Table of Contents

Interface overview

Pixelmator Photo consists of two main sections — the toolbar with all the available tools and settings at the top, and your photo in the middle. The photo editing mode is activated when you select a tool. The options for that particular tool appear in the sidebar, presets bar, or the tool options bar at the bottom, and change when you select different tools.


1. Cancel Tap Cancel to close a photo and return to the Photos or the Files browser. If you already applied some changes to a photo, a "Discard Changes" pop-up will appear. Tap it to return to the Files browser without saving changes.
2. Undo and redo changes Allows you to undo the changes you've made to a photo step by step. You can also touch and hold Undo to redo the last action.
3. Reset all changes Reverts all changes from all editing sessions.
4. Comparison slider Drag the split preview slider to compare the photo before and after edits.
5. Name of the photo You can rename your photos saved in the Files browser. Touch and hold the thumbnail of a photo you'd like to rename and choose Rename to do so.
6. ML Enhance Automatically enhances colors, contrast, and brightness of a photo. You can additionally tweak the image using the settings available in the Color Adjustments pane.
7. ML Super Resolution Increases the resolution of your photos while keeping them sharp and detailed.
8. Repair Use the Repair tool to retouch your photos from subtly removing small imperfections to eliminating entire objects.
9. Crop Remove unecessary parts of a photo using machine-learning enhanced cropping, presets, or crop them off manually.
10. Color Adjustments Use the Color Adjustments tool to adjust colors and contrast of a photo, add sharpness, or other special photographic effects.
11. More menu Share and export photos, view their information, turn a number of Pixelmator Photo settings on or off to better suit your workflow.
12. Done Save changes and close a photo.