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Basic gestures on iOS

You can use the different iOS gestures to achieve different things in Photomator: tap to hide, show, or move parts of the Photomator interface, pinch to zoom in or zoom out of your image, drag to control different tools, features, and more.


Using one finger, quickly and firmly touch the screen, then lift your finger. Use this gesture to choose tools, activate features, turn adjustments or adjustment settings on or off.

Other gestures:

  • Two-finger tap a photo to undo.
  • Three-finger tap a photo to redo.


Using one finger, quickly tap the screen twice. In Photomator you can use double-tap to reset different controls in color adjustments without affecting other settings of the same adjustment.

You can also double-tap a photo to view it in actual size or zoom it to fit the screen.

Swipe and drag

Quickly slide one finger side to side on the screen to swipe.

Gently glide your finger over an image to move it around your work area or to pan when zoomed in.

Other gestures:

  • On iPad, slide the Color Adjustments pane from left to right or vice versa to change its position on the screen.
  • When editing in the Photos browser, swipe left or right on a photo to move to the next or previous photo. If the gesture doesn't work, zoom out of the image and make sure Crop or Repair tools are deselected.
  • When editing in the Photos browser, swipe down on the image to close it and return to all photos.

Touch and hold

Gently hold down one finger on an item on the screen to use the gesture. You can touch and hold a photo (or the area around it if you're working with the Repair tool) to see how it looked originally or without the specific edits.

Other gestures:

  • Touch and hold the color adjustment presets to see the context menu with the additional remove, share, redefine, and rename options.
  • Touch and hold the crop presets to remove them.
  • Touch and hold photos in the filmstrip, Files, or Photos browser to open the Quick Actions menu.
  • Touch and hold


Place two fingers on the screen and spread them apart to zoom in on a specific part of your photo. Pinch your fingers bringing them together to zoom out.