Pixelmator Retouch Extension

Retouch your favorite shots with a full set of powerful Pixelmator tools inside your Photos app. Wipe away anything you want. Effortlessly clone areas of your image. Adjust the lightness and saturation of specific parts. Sharpen the details and soften the background, or use any of the tools together to make all of your photos picture perfect.

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  • Repair

    Remove unwanted objects with a single brushstroke.

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  • Clone

    Quickly and easily copy parts of your photo.

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  • Light

    Adjust the lightness in just the areas you want.

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  • Color

    Fine-tune colors with a simple brushstroke.

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  • Soften

    Simply paint over your image to blur it.

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  • Sharpen

    Bring out the details in your favorite shots.

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Wipe away anything you want.

Use the magical Pixelmator Repair Tool inside your Photos app to remove any objects from a photo with a single swipe. The advanced technology behind the Repair Tool makes sure that even the most complex objects are wiped out like they had never existed.


Copy areas of a photo with ease.

The Clone Tool is incredibly useful and fun to use. It lets you effortlessly clone objects or entire parts of your photo. Choose the area you want to copy, and simply paint onto another. It’s just that easy.


Adjust the lightness with a brush.

Lighten or darken areas with a simple brushstroke. The smart Light Tool will automatically adjust the exposure, brightness, and contrast for you, so that you can easily perfect the lightness in all of your shots.


Fine-tune colors in specific parts.

Use the Color Tool to fine-tune colors in precise areas of your shot. Saturate the parts you want to make more vibrant. Or wash the colors away to give your image a subtle look.


Soften areas with a brush.

The Soften Tool lets you paint over your image to blur it, which means you can easily smooth out hard edges, blur the background, or gently soften the whole picture for that warm and dreamy look.


Bring out the details.

With the Sharpen Tool, you can make all of the details in your photos crystal clear in no time. Simply paint over a slightly blurred area and bring out every pixel you touch, so that all of your photos look crisp and vivid.


Incredibly aware of the latest Mac features and technologies.

  • Powered by Metal

    The Pixelmator Retouch extension is built on Metal — the new, powerful, and fast graphics-processing technology that gives all of the tools amazing speed and quality.

  • Built with Swift 2

    The Pixelmator Retouch extension is one of the first apps built from the ground up with Swift 2 — Apple’s new programming language for next-generation apps.

  • Force Touch Support

    Force Touch trackpad support lets you instantly adjust the strength of a tool simply by varying the pressure you apply onto the trackpad.


Remarkable attention to detail. On every level.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Use simple keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between tools, adjust the brush size, and undo your edits.

  • Pen Tablet Support

    Use a pressure-sensitive tablet to instantly adjust the brush size of any tool while retouching.

  • Safe Editing

    Freely experiment with your images and reduce, undo or revert the distorts you’ve made anytime you want.

  • Native to Photos

    Retouch your photos with powerful Pixelmator tools with a truly native-to-Photos experience.

  • Start Using the Extension

    Start using Pixelmator Retouch tools inside your Photos app. Enabling the extension is easy. Watch video