April 29, 2021

Pixelmator Pro update adds support for LUTs

It’s time for another awesome update to Pixelmator Pro – today’s update adds full support for LUT files, which are universal presets that let you instantly change the look of images and video in a wide variety of different apps. You can think of them as filters that are compatible with all kinds of creative apps. We’ve also partnered with some awesome LUT creators to offer special discounts on LUTs for Pixelmator Pro users. Read on for all the details about Pixelmator Pro 2.0.8!

A menu of the Custom LUTs color adjustment opened in Pixelmator Pro.

Support for LUTs in Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro now includes a new Custom LUT adjustment, which lets you apply a LUT to any layer in your image, changing its colors and transforming its look. Our support also has a few great features that you won’t find in other apps – like the ability to convert a LUT into color adjustments using machine learning! Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve added:

Import and apply custom LUTs

You can now import custom LUTs that you’ve downloaded or purchased from LUT creators and apply them to your images. This transforms the colors of an image just like a preset or filter would.

Convert a LUT into color adjustments

A LUT is simply a set of instructions that tells an app how to edit the colors of an image or video and cannot be edited with other apps once it has been created. But using the magic of machine learning, we can turn LUTs into Pixelmator Pro color adjustments that you can fine-tune yourself.

Export LUTs

If you create a look you like in Pixelmator Pro and want to apply the same look to other images or video in other apps, you can export adjustments from Pixelmator Pro as a LUT file.

Built-in LUT collection

To make it easier to get started with this, we’ve included a number of different LUTs, ranging from cinematic look LUTs and LUTs that create duotone effects to technical LUTs that convert images to grayscale or apply certain photographic filters.

Scripting support

Pixelmator Pro has some of the best (quite possibly THE best?) AppleScript support out there and we’ve also added a way to script both applying LUTs and exporting them from the app.

Learn more about LUTs and how to use them

We wanted LUTs in Pixelmator Pro to be super easy and super enjoyable to use. Part of that was about making LUTs easy to import, export, and apply – in other words, creating a really great experience. But another part is about creating easy-to-understand user materials. So we went all out and have a very detailed text tutorial as well as two video tutorials!

Using Pixelmator Pro to color grade video in Final Cut Pro

Watch video

An in-depth look at 3D LUTs in Pixelmator Pro

Learn more

Special offers on LUTs for Pixelmator Pro users

To celebrate this occasion, we’ve also partnered with some really great LUT creators to offer free LUTs and special discounts to Pixelmator Pro users! To receive discounts, use the promo code PIXELMATOR on each page. You’ll find links to all these below:

UPDATE: The promotional offers have now ended.


5 completely free LUTs and a 30% discount on Professional 3D LUTs Package

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20% discount on Cinematic LUTs pack

Learn more


30% site-wide discount

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Additional 10% discount on CineVision Pro LUTs set (on top of existing 40% discount)

Learn more

Download the update

The update is out now and you can make sure you’ve received it by visiting the Mac App Store.

Download Now

We think you’re going to love this update and we’ve got more really great stuff in store for you in the coming months. It’s an exciting time to be a Pixelmator Pro user.