September 17, 2020

Pixelmator Pro gets AppleScript support

Hey everyone! Big news from the Pixelmator Team, today we’re releasing a major update to Pixelmator Pro. Version 1.8, codenamed Lynx, is now here, bringing incredibly full-featured support for AppleScript.

AppleScript is the Apple-created scripting language that lets you directly control apps using instructions written in intuitive, English-like terms. And almost every part of Pixelmator Pro is now scriptable, so for pretty much anything you can do with the app, you can now script those same tasks. Say you have tens or even hundreds of images. You might need to export and optimize them, or change the color of certain objects in them, or maybe even add annotations, taking the text from a Numbers spreadsheet and automatically placing it in Pixelmator Pro. Thanks to AppleScript support, you can now do all that, plus a whole lot more.

In our quest to make AppleScript support as great and full-featured as possible, we collaborated with Sal Soghoian, the legendary user automation guru, who served at Apple for 20 years as the Product Manager of Automation Technologies, including AppleScript, Services, the Terminal, Apple Configurator and Automator, among others. We’re super glad to have had the opportunity to work with Sal. He was a big help with our scripting dictionary and we think the extra attention to detail really paid off!

“AppleScript support in Pixelmator Pro is a game-changer, making this amazing app an essential component of everyone’s workflows.”

Sal Soghoian

Sal told us: “AppleScript support in Pixelmator Pro is a game-changer, making this amazing app an essential component of everyone’s workflows. Whether you run scripts or write them, the depth and scope of the AppleScript automation in Pixelmator Pro makes magic happen. Kudos to the Pixelmator Team for their commitment and service to the Mac community.” We’ve also created a tutorial with a quick overview of AppleScript itself, some example scripts, and links to useful resources. Happy scripting!

AppleScript TUTORIAL

The update is free for existing Pixelmator Pro users. And, for new users, our sale is still running, so you can get the app for 30% off its usual price.

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Now, we’ll be getting back to working on Pixelmator Pro 2.0. Nothing to share yet, but development is going well and it’s looking like 2.0 will be an amazing release. Stay tuned!