Pixelmator Pro 3.5 Flare adds full HDR support with the ability to edit HDR layers

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2023-12-13 14:12:28

Pixelmator Pro 3.5, codenamed Flare, brings full HDR support that lets you open, edit, and share HDR photos and videos, seamlessly create designs featuring both SDR and HDR layers, and more.

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2023-12-13 15:23:58

I am so thrilled to see HDR support in Pixelmator Pro! Thank you for making this a reality and for not forgetting about us Pixelmator Pro users. Huzzah!
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2023-12-13 20:13:05

This looks very interesting. I currently create HDR images using images shot at different exposures and merge them in Adobe Camera RAW. What format do I have to export these images in so that I can edit using HDR in Pixelmator. Would I then see the various layers?

It doesn't't look like Pixelmator supports importing images to merge into HDR. Or does it?

Thanks for always developing and adding features.

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2023-12-13 22:03:00

I can't seem to get HDR support to work in Pixelmator Pro when using 'Edit with >>> Pixelmator Pro' from MacOS Photos. I've tried an iPhone HEIF photo and a HEIF photo created from a RAW by Photomator.

Pixelmator Pro's HDR feature IS working when I open from Finder.