Pixelmator Photo 1.1

Released on October 1, 2019

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iPadOS 13

Enjoy full compatibility with the magical new iPadOS.

Batch Editing

Edit an entire photoshoot on your iPad — with just a few taps.

All-New Workflow

Deep Photos library integration brings an all-new editing workflow.

Export Sizes

Quickly and easily export photos at different sizes.

Batch Editing

Create workflows using actions for color adjustments, cropping, straightening, exporting, and even resizing images for a full-featured batch editing experience.

To start batch editing, select multiple photos and tap ‘Batch’ in the toolbar.

Use every machine learning-powered feature in Pixelmator Photo in your workflows.

Experiment with a range of readymade batch editing workflows and easily create your own.

Turn off Export to batch edit images in place in your Photos library and the Files app.

All-New Workflow

Pixelmator Photo now automatically saves changes directly to the images you open and saves nondestructive edits to a linked .PHOTO file.

This means you can now manage all your edits in your Photos library without having to import images.

Instead of ‘< Photos’, you’ll now see much more logical Cancel and Done buttons in the Pixelmator Photo toolbar.

Nondestructive editing also works in the Files app and your changes will be saved automatically to JPEGs, PNGs, and other compatible formats without losing nondestructive edits.

If you’d rather not save any nondestructive changes while still editing images in place, you can switch to destructive editing in the Pixelmator Photo section of the Settings app.

Switch between editing in your Photos library or the Files app by tapping Show Photos or Show Files in the toolbar

You can now delete photos or revert to the original directly in the Pixelmator Photo browser.

To delete any linked files while browsing your Photos library, tap Select, select one or multiple photos, and tap Delete Linked File at the bottom of your screen. To delete a linked file while browsing Files, tap and hold a file and tap Delete Linked File.

Added keyboard shortcuts for Cancel (Command-Delete) and Done (Command-S).


The Recents album in the Pixelmator Photo browser should now mirror the contents of your Camera Roll (or All Photos or Recents albums, depending on which one you have).

Various UI fixes for iPadOS 13 issues.

The new floating keyboard in iPadOS 13 was not working correctly. Fixed.

Fixes for memory management and stability issues.

Tapping to open a document multiple times while it was still being opened would sometimes cause the app to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Fixed issues with using the Pixelmator Photo Share extension to share from apps other than Photos.

Sometimes, alerts would not be shown after importing an adjustment preset. Fixed.


Pixelmator Photo 1.0.9

Released on August 9, 2019

Portrait Photo Fix

This update fixes an issue with opening photos taken in Portrait mode.

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.8

Released on July 29, 2019

Vignette and New Presets

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.8 features a beautiful new Vignette adjustment, a number of new adjustment presets, and includes a few bug fixes.

New Features

Add artistic vignettes to your photos using the beautiful new Vignette adjustment.

Four all-new color adjustment presets are available, showcasing the newly-added Vignette adjustment.


Pulling up the Dock while previewing the original image would sometimes cause Pixelmator Photo to stop responding. Fixed.

Certain types of images with non-sRGB color profiles would occasionally be incorrectly color managed. Fixed.

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.7

Released on May 30, 2019

Small Fixes

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.7 includes a fix for an issue with the new Share extension and fixes a crashing issue.

Images shared to Pixelmator Photo using the new Share extension would be imported to iCloud Drive, even when other locations (such as On My iPad) were used for document storage. Fixed.

In certain cases, selecting presets using keyboard shortcuts would cause Pixelmator Photo to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.6

Released on May 24, 2019

Share Extension

This update brings a Share extension so you can start editing in Pixelmator Photo directly from Photos, adds a faster way to undo and redo, improves the photo browser, and more.


Share photos to Pixelmator Photo directly from your Photos library using the all-new Share extension.

Two-finger tap to undo and three-finger tap to redo is now available in Pixelmator Photo.

Switch between images in the photo browser using keyboard shortcuts — the right arrow to go to the next image and the left arrow to go back.

Switch between color adjustment presets using the left and right keys on your keyboard.

When importing images using the photo browser, you can now choose between JPEG or RAW versions of images when possible.

Previously open files will now be closed before the app is re-opened when another image is shared to the app.

The photo browser will now be dismissed before the app is opened when sharing images from external locations.

While editing a photo, opening the same .photo file from the Files app will no longer reload the file.

ML Crop would occasionally crop photos — especially those in portrait orientation — much more extensively than it should. Fixed.

Pixelmator Photo would sometimes quit unexpectedly if the Repair tool was active while closing the app. Fixed.

Pixelmator Photo would sometimes quit unexpectedly when opening very wide images. Fixed.

Pixelmator Photo would occasionally quit unexpectedly when closing documents. Fixed.

Reloading documents would sometimes cause Pixelmator Photo to stop responding. Fixed.

When opening images from external locations, the loading indicator would sometimes get stuck. Fixed.

Various fixes improve the reliability of the photo browser.


Pixelmator Photo 1.0.5

Released on May 10, 2019

iOS 11 Crash Fix

In our last update, we redesigned the color adjustments to improve their quality and lay the groundwork for some exciting new adjustments. But this introduced an issue that caused the app to quit unexpectedly on iOS 11 when using the color adjustments. This update fixes that issue.

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.4

Released on May 2, 2019

Image Quality Improvements

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.4 brings some significant image rendering improvements for RAW images, improving image quality and reducing file sizes, improves color adjustment quality in both RAW and regular images, and includes some additional improvements and fixes.


A refined color model for image rendering and color adjustments improves image and color quality, shadow and highlight detail, and more.

Pixelmator Photo files for RAW images with no repaired areas will be much smaller (up to 4 times, in some cases).

RAW images with no repaired areas will be saved more quickly.

If the canvas was being animated, it was not possible to interact with it at all using gestures until the animation completed. It is now.

If the canvas was being animated, it was not possible to use zoom keyboard shortcuts. It is now.

Some more improvements to memory management, which improves app stability.

Improved pinch gesture detection when using the Repair tool, which should reduce the number of accidental repairs when zooming.


Some RAW images were rendered with posterization artifacts in certain areas. Fixed.

The histograms for some RAW images were not correct. Fixed.

The histogram wouldn’t always update after resetting, reverting, or undoing changes. Fixed.

The histogram would be empty immediately after enabling it in an unedited image. Fixed.

The Repair tool would sometimes leave marks on repaired areas in 16-bit and RAW images. Fixed.

It was not possible to share certain files to social networks and services like Twitter. Fixed.

The image creation date was being displayed incorrectly as it was taking into account the current time zone when it shouldn’t. Fixed.

When receiving Pixelmator Photo files via AirDrop, the loading indicator would sometimes get stuck. Fixed.

The Pixelmator Photo interface would be restored incorrectly when reopening the app from the background after rotating your device. Fixed.

The screen would flicker immediately after loading an image. Fixed.


Pixelmator Photo 1.0.3

Released on April 19, 2019

Improvements and Fixes

This update improves memory management, especially on the iPad mini 5 and iPad Air 3, fixing a number of related crashes and brings several additional improvements and fixes.

Improvements and Fixes

Improved memory management for issues caused by opening photos that need close to the maximum memory allocated by iOS. This fixes a number of related crashes.

Events and People albums synced from macOS via iTunes will now appear in the photo browser.

Albums synced from macOS will now be sorted alphabetically.

Photos synced from macOS that aren’t in any album will now be available in All Photos.

When syncing via iTunes, Pixelmator Photo documents will now appear in File Sharing.

Fixed a number of cases where the Modify Original in Photos option in the Share menu would be enabled when it shouldn’t.

Modify Original in Photos should now work even after deleting and reinstalling Pixelmator Photo.

In some situations, rotating the screen while using the Crop tool would misplace the cropping handles. Fixed.

Selecting the None crop preset would cause Pixelmator Photo to stop responding. Fixed


Pixelmator Photo 1.0.2

Released on April 13, 2019

Improvements and Fixes

Pixelmator Photo 1.0.2 brings a number of improvements and fixes to make the editing experience smoother.


When using Pixelmator Photo, TrueTone displays will no longer change the color temperature of the screen as much.

When attempting to save to Photos after previously denying access, the alert will be more informative.

When attempting to open an unsupported RAW image, the alert will be more informative.

It’s now a little easier to move the Color Adjustments pane around as the draggable area has been expanded.

To make it easier to repair areas at the edges of photos, you can now start repairing slightly outside the bounds of the canvas.

The keyboard will now be dismissed with any touches not related to text field editing.


The preset thumbnails of cropped images were being displayed incorrectly. Fixed.

Grain was being incorrectly displayed in preset thumbnails. Fixed.

Thumbnails would sometimes flicker before adjustment presets were reloaded. Fixed.

The ‘+’ button for adding presets would sometimes disappear. Fixed.

On rare occasions, multiple presets could be selected at the same time. Fixed.

It was sometimes impossible to add points to an edited curve of the Curves adjustment. Fixed.

After device rotation, the canvas would center incorrectly. Fixed.

After rotating the image using the Crop tool, the canvas would center incorrectly. Fixed.

The canvas would sometimes be incorrectly vertically centered when editing in fullscreen. Fixed.

When using the color picker, the Previous color was not being displayed. Fixed.

The color picker history (also found in Pixelmator for iOS) which can be accessed by swiping the Current and Previous colors to the right was not appearing. Fixed.

A number of additional color picker fixes.

A whole host of things could go slightly wrong if the image was moved while the Straighten or Perspective wheels were still decelerating. Fixed.

The Crop tool’s Straighten mode was not working correctly for flipped images. Fixed.

Attempting to repair areas near the edges of the iPad screen would sometimes start panning the image. Fixed.

Fixed a possible issue for repaired areas in images with perspective transformations.

Resetting changes with the Repair tool and redoing those changes would sometimes leave the Reset button enabled. Fixed.

Rapidly tapping the tool buttons in the toolbar could potentially cause Pixelmator Photo to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

Disabling an adjustment while a text field is actively being edited and the keyboard is visible would cause Pixelmator Photo to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.


Pixelmator Photo 1.0.1

Released on April 11, 2019

Photo Import Fix

This update includes a fix for an issue with importing images from the Photos library into storage locations provided by certain third-party services. If it isn’t possible to import into a particular location, images will be imported into the Pixelmator Photo folder in iCloud Drive or on your iPad instead.

Pixelmator Photo 1.0

Released on April 9, 2019

This is the initial Pixelmator Photo release so everything’s new!