Pixelmator Photo for iPhone is here.

Pixelmator Photo for iPhone is here.

The desktop-class editing experience of Pixelmator Photo is now available on the world’s most popular camera – iPhone. Pixelmator Photo includes over 30 powerful color adjustments designed for professional photographers, support for RAW images from over 600 cameras, a magical Repair tool for removing unwanted objects, and lots more. Simply put, it’s the most powerful photo editing app ever designed for a mobile device.

Over 30 desktop‑class adjustments.

Tools powered by

machine learning.

Support for over 600 RAW formats, including

Apple ProRAW.

Deep integration with Photos.

What’s New in Pixelmator Photo 2.2

Pixelmator Photo 2.2 introduces all-new Clarity and Texture adjustments that let you improve the sharpness and clarity of fine details in photos using a powerful, texture-aware algorithm, adds Selective Clarity adjustment for more precise detail enhancement, improves detail recovery in highlights and shadows, and more.

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  • Clarity and Texture

    Enhance the finest details in your photos using the powerful new Texture and Clarity adjustments.

  • Selective Clarity

    Use the incredible new Selective Clarity adjustment to enhance details in photos with even more precision.

  • Highlight and Shadow Recovery

    Magically recover highlight and shadow detail in your photos with rebuilt Highlights and Shadows adjustments.

  • Improved Performance

    Enjoy an even faster and smoother photo editing experience thanks to improved color adjustment performance.

What’s New in Pixelmator Photo

  • Artifact-free editing. Even if you make extreme color changes to your image, Pixelmator Photo uses advanced image processing techniques to reduce posterization artifacts and preserve incredible color quality and detail.

  • Pros in your pocket. Automatically apply Lightness, Color Balance, Selective Color, and other adjustments using a machine learning algorithm trained on 20 million professional photos.

  • The smartest auto adjustments out there. Automatically apply individual adjustments — Lightness, White Balance, Hue & Saturation, Selective Color, and Color Balance — using the same Core ML-powered image enhancement algorithm.

  • Learn from the pros. The auto adjustments are applied using the color adjustments in Pixelmator Photo, so you can see exactly what changes are made and where, fine-tuning them yourself.

  • These black and white presets are based on classic black and white films. The black and white look is very versatile and is great for artistic photography, landscapes, portraits, street photography, and many other styles. Especially when you want to add a little drama. Some presets apply film-style grain to create an old-school film feel, others increase contrast for a more striking look.

  • Inspired by the contemporary color grading process used in the movie and video industry, these presets emulate the cinematic look and feel. Many of them are based on the ‘teal and orange’ look, which is a pretty simple but very effective way to get a photo’s colors to pop, emphasizing skin tones and color contrasts. Subtle changes to the colors of the shadows and highlights of an image are key to achieving this look.

  • Before digital, there was analog. And many analog films have become legendary for their visual qualities — these presets are based on some of the most well-known and popular analog films. This collection is great for portrait and lifestyle photography, adding a subtle and tasteful vintage look and feel.

  • Many modern analog films are well regarded for highlighting skin tones, creating pleasing outdoor shots, or having unique grain detail. This collection is based on some of the best films in production today — try them if you’re looking for a more clean and simple look, especially for portrait and nature photography.

  • This collection of presets for landscape photography is designed to boost colors and bring out details in photographs of nature — especially in shots with lots of greens and blues. Along with color changes, the presets also increase contrast for a more striking and eye-catching look.

  • The vintage look never gets old, especially with a more modern take on the old-school feel. Using a combination of faded shadows, tasteful color tints, and film grain, this collection gives photos an aged, yet contemporary look and feel.

  • Created for urban photography, these presets improve the look of shots taken in cities dominated by buildings, manmade structures, and urban life in general.

  • Designed for shots taken in low light, this collection works especially well with photos of cities taken at night. The presets bring out details in the highlights and add tasteful color tints for an artistic finishing touch.

  • This group contains all the presets from Pixelmator Pro, including presets for creating black and white photos, vintage looks, and eye-catching landscape shots. These presets are especially playful and artistic and can work great with a variety of different photography styles.

  • Here you’ll find all the presets you create. Save any combination of color adjustments as a custom preset to quickly apply them to any of your photos and even share presets with others.