What’s Next for Photomator

Our team is always buzzing with ideas on how to improve Photomator and make it even more powerful and fun to use with each update. Check out the roadmap below for a list of exciting new features coming in future updates, including all-new retouching tools, AI-powered automatic features, advanced selections, and more.

Full file system integration.

  • File browser support with effortless file and folder management.

  • Filmstrip for easy file navigation on iPhone and iPad.

Photo editing powered by AI.

  • Image sorting and rating.

  • Color banding removal.


  • Major Repair tool improvements.

Clone tool.

  • Completed on Mac

  • Coming soon to iPhone and iPad.

Pro workflows made simple.

  • Dehaze adjustment.

  • Depth and luminance masks.

  • Selective face editing.

New features for batch editing.

  • Support for Shortcuts.

  • Watermarks.

  • Photo metadata removal, face blurring, and other privacy features.

Video editing support.

Seamless compatibility.

  • Cross-platform integration.


    Full integration between Photomator and Pixelmator Pro.

More secret features.