February 22, 2024

Photomator 3.3 introduces a powerful new file browser on Mac

Photomator 3.3 brings a powerful file browser, built using native macOS technologies. This makes it easier and faster than ever to browse and edit photos, not just on your Mac, but also on external drives and cloud services. After extensive testing and optimizations, we’re more than thrilled to announce that this highly-awaited feature is finally available on Mac.

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Native Features

The all-new file browser, designed using native macOS technologies, offers an exceptionally fast and seamless photo browsing and editing experience. Its integration of native features, along with a familiar interface, makes it incredibly easy to use. The new file browser includes such native features as drag and drop for quickly importing folders and photos, even if you need to import thousands of them at a time, a native Share menu for effortless photo sharing, and much more.

Being built upon the Apple File System, Photomator’s file browser also saves your storage space. It doesn’t catalog your photos or store their duplicates and automatically syncs the edits with the original file. This also ensures a clutter-free photo editing experience. Another small, yet significant, feature is its handling of photo duplicates within the file browser – when you duplicate photos, say for comparing edits, they don’t consume additional storage space.

External Drives and Cloud Locations

Edit photos stored across various cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, as well as SSDs, NAS devices, or SD cards, with the same ease as editing photos stored on your Mac. When you disconnect an SD card or external storage after editing, Photomator lets you seamlessly continue editing right from where you left off once you reconnect the storage device, ensuring an uninterrupted editing workflow.

Saving Edits

The latest update introduces a new edit-saving feature, allowing you to save edits alongside the original file, without modifying the original itself. It ensures that all your edits are in place when you reconnect to external storage or cloud services and also helps save storage space, which is a significant advantage, especially when working with RAW photos.

Photomator’s photo editing is designed to be nondestructive across all photo locations – whether your photos are on a Mac, external storage, or a cloud service, you’ll be able to preserve the original photo and revert the edits at any time.

Syncing Edits With iPhone and iPad

Easily view edits on all devices by simply syncing them through iCloud Drive. When you open edits from Mac on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll need to grant folder access to Photomator. To grant the access, open a photo, select Give Access at the bottom, then open the folder containing the photo. Once you’ve granted access, you’ll be able to view the edits within the folder in the future.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of the powerful file browser to Photomator, and we can’t wait for you to experience its native capabilities. This update is available for free to all existing users. If you’re new to Photomator, you can explore all the features and save a limited number of edits for free by downloading it from the Mac App Store.

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