December 13, 2023

Pixelmator Pro 3.5 adds full HDR support with the ability to edit HDR layers

Pixelmator Pro 3.5 is out now, bringing full HDR support that lets you import, edit, and export HDR content, including HDR photos and videos taken with iPhone. The major update also brings the ability to work with HDR layers, allowing you to seamlessly create designs featuring both SDR and HDR layers, all while maintaining your existing workflows. HDR support opens up a world of creative possibilities in Pixelmator Pro, and we have no doubt that you’ll put it to excellent use!

Full HDR Support

HDR support in Pixelmator Pro lets you import, edit, and export HDR images, ensuring that HDR image editing is just as simple as working with any other type of image. Moreover, its video editing capabilities let you effortlessly edit HDR videos too. This means that you can edit your RAW images or HDR photos and videos captured with your iPhone with the same ease as before, now with their full HDR range readily available at your fingertips with a single click. All the tools and features remain the same while working in HDR mode, and you can seamlessly edit HDR photos and videos within the same Pixelmator Pro editing window, allowing you to enable HDR on or off at any time. And, we’ve completely revamped our color adjustments – they work exceptionally well when you fine-tune the colors of HDR photos.

Display Requirements

You’ll get the best HDR editing experience with Pro Display XDR or MacBook Pro with XDR Display.

For more information, check the full list of HDR-compatible displays.

macOS Requirements

To work with HDR, you’ll need to update to macOS 14 Sonoma.

Supported Import Formats

HDR photos captured with iPhone, RAW, ProRAW, and ISO HDR formats like HEIC (10-bit), AVIF (10-bit), JPEG XL (10-bit), PNG (16-bit), and TIFF (32-bit from Photoshop and Lightroom). Also, OpenEXR, Radiance HDR, and photos with Smart HDR from Photomator.

HDR videos captured with iPhone, MP4, MOV, and video compression types such as HEVC and Apple ProRes that support HDR.

Supported Export Formats

ISO HDR formats like HDR HEIC, HDR AVIF, and HDR PNG. Also, HDR JPEG, HDR Still Image Video, and OpenEXR.

MP4 and MOV.

HDR Layers

Pixelmator Pro also offers support for editing HDR content as layers. When you drag and drop an HDR layer into an SDR composition, the SDR layers remain unchanged, while the HDR layers preserve their HDR data, even within SDR compositions. This ensures that working with HDR content is just as easy as working with any other image or video layer. Even if your workflow requires merging HDR layers or converting HDR layers into pixels, you can do so without losing any of the HDR data.

HDR Support in Shortcuts

When we say that HDR photos and videos can be edited just like any other image or video, we truly mean it. Automation tools like Shortcuts and AppleScript seamlessly handle HDR content, allowing you to efficiently edit multiple photos or videos at a time.

HDR Compatibility With Other Apps

HDR videos are well-supported on most platforms, but when it comes to HDR photos, it’s still a relatively new feature. In the table below, we’ve highlighted the compatibility of HDR image and video formats with different Mac apps – this will help you choose the best export option for HDR content after editing it in Pixelmator Pro.

MP4 and MOV
Export for Photos, QuickTime Player, and Final Cut Pro.
Export for Photos, Final Cut Pro, and Motion.
Potential format for future HDR image sharing, thanks to its efficient data handling.
HDR Still Image Video
Export for Safari, Messages, and other apps that don’t typically support HDR images.
Export for Finder, Quick Look, and image or video editing apps like Blender.

The update is available to all current Pixelmator Pro users for free. If you haven’t got Pixelmator Pro yet, it’s currently on sale for just $25. Be sure to grab a copy and give HDR a try!

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