Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixelmator?

Pixelmator is a powerful image editor that gives you everything you need to create, edit, and enhance images on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

What are the system requirements for Pixelmator?

Pixelmator for Mac requires macOS Sierra, or later. Pixelmator for iOS requires iOS 9.1, or later.

Is there a Pixelmator for Mac trial available?

Yes. A completely free, 30-day Pixelmator for Mac trial is available to download from our Free Trial page.

Where can I buy Pixelmator?

Pixelmator for Mac is available in the Mac App Store for $29.99.

What is Pixelmator’s update policy?

We’re serious about improving Pixelmator, so updates are released regularly.

The minor updates focus on bug fixes and performance improvements while the major updates also include new features.

What’s more, all Pixelmator updates for Mac 3.X or 3.X.X and Pixelmator for iPad 1.X or 1.X.X are free. And any major Pixelmator for Mac updates are given a codename. For example, Pixelmator 3.6 has been given the codename “Cordillera”.

How do I learn Pixelmator?

Explore the Pixelmator Tutorials website:

Learn everything there is to know about Pixelmator for Mac and Pixelmator for iOS from over 100 text and video tutorials with useful tips and tricks. Visit the Pixelmator Tutorials page.

Post in the Pixelmator Forum:

Post your questions, look for answers, and find friendly responses on any basic or advanced image editing related topic in the Pixelmator Forum.

Email us:

If you need help with using Pixelmator, send us an email at

How do I contact you?

To contact the Pixelmator Team about using Pixelmator or to report bugs, email For general inquiries, send an email to