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2023-02-24 18:42:01

Now, I’ve had this problem one or two times before and it’s pissed me off to the max. Now, it’s just happened a third time on one of my favorite works in progress. I added a texture into the file while working and it suddenly closed out of the image. I go and retry to open the file and I’m hit with “Unable to open image. The image is too large. You can open and edit images up to 268 Megapixels large. At this point, this app has put me through some of my greatest designs and now my greatest fears. I can’t keep doing this and now I have to restart my ENTIRE design in which I was almost completed with. SMH Pixelmator, just work with me for once. :(
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2023-02-27 13:31:05

Hi Jase, sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with Pixelmator for iOS!

The 268 Megapixels error indicates that your device has run out of application memory and the document you're trying to open is too large in layer count and/or image size. You don't have to start over as long as you have access to a Mac or an iOS device with more RAM, which you could use to open the document and lower its image size and/or merge some unnecessary layers. On Mac, you'd need to do this using Pixelmator Pro - if you don't own it, you can use the free trial here. Alternatively, you can send the document over to us at support@pixelmator.com and we'll cut it down for you.

However, there is one other thing - Pixelmator for iOS should not normally let you exceed these memory limits for your own device in the first place. Upon trying to add the texture, you should have received an error dialog saying that no more layers can be added to the document. We'll need to investigate this further - could you let me know what method in the app you were using to add the last texture layer, what format it was originally in, and where it was stored?