Pixelmator Pro suddently not recognising .PXD

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2022-05-26 11:36:20


All of a sudden I've got this error message when opening a standard Pixelmator Pro file (PXD):

The document "Untitled"
could not be opened.
Pixelmator Pro cannot open
files in the
"Autodesk Pixlr file type" format

I have tried to change the file type (back) to Pixelmator Pro trying to get it to recognised but not working.
I do not have Autodesk Pixlr installed as I thought first maybe that app took over.

Anyone else got the same kind of error and have a solution?
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2022-05-28 09:33:13

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2022-05-29 18:30:38

Ah, of course I failed to search and find this thread.

Thanks a bunch for the heads-up! 🌟

And yes, I have Sketchbook installed.
Strange though that it interferes…