Sidecar Files Not Visible or Unkown Save Location

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2024-05-30 07:57:55

Hey All,

Updated Photomator and now the sidecar files are not seen by Photomator in iCloud. It shows zero files. Also having alot of blank thumbnail images. I have tried the following:.

Deleted and reinstalled
set sidecars to be save in pictures, Still says none and they are not being saved thee either.

Anybody else seeing this?

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2024-05-30 07:59:53

Just an update,
I found the following in the logs.

2024/05/30 17:40:07:507 Purchases: Found an introductory discount, validating whether the user is eligible for this discount…
2024/05/30 17:40:34:694 Pro Sidecar storage used space calculation timed-out. Returned value might be partial.