#PixelmatorNotPhotoshop launching soon!

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2024-04-14 11:54:49

Hey folks, after a really long break, we are relaunching our #Pixelmator and #PixelmatorPro tips, tutorials and templates fan site under https://www.pixelmatornotphotoshop.com/.

Over many years we showed you how to do amazing things with #Pixelmator right after the product launched, and we'd like to do that again, now for #PixelmatorPro. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to hear more.

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2024-04-16 08:44:18

Subscribed, I'm curious to see what you have in store.

Is the old site still around? I didn't knew it (I started using Pixelmator with the Pro version) but would be curious to take a look if it is.
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2024-04-16 09:05:34

Hi Jeremy - thanks for your support - the old site (www.pixelmatortemplates.com)is no longer available as we closed it down a few years ago for various reasons. It was built around the original Pixelmator product after the initial launch.

Our new site (www.pixelmatornotphotoshop.com) will cater more for Pixelmator Pro and show you how to get the best out of the tool. We also plan to upcycle some of the best tips, tutorials, and templates from the previous site after we launch the new one - but this will take a little time.

If you have any requests or past favourites - do let us know and we'll add it to our pipeline.
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2024-04-29 17:41:56

A little preview ahead of our launch...
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2024-06-18 17:17:06

We are now live on www.pixelmatornotphotoshop.com. Check it out.