Pixelmator Pro 3.5.8 with PDF text editing support is now available

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2024-04-11 13:36:38

Pixelmator Pro just added support for text editing in PDF files, including those created using Keynote, Pages, and Safari! Check out our blog for more info on this new feature and other cool additions, like customizable text strokes in this update.

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2024-04-11 16:16:23

Thank you for this great update!
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2024-04-12 11:58:00

Very nice update. I am impressed with your company and the value you add to this product.

Hoping to get Paste Into (paste the clipboard image into a mask in the highlighted shape) soon!
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2024-04-12 17:31:27

Dang, I love your company and your apps so much! Thank you for the update.
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2024-04-12 19:25:30

Thank you for adding this feature. It appears you cannot edit a PDF with multiple pages all at once. You have to open each page individually and then save them all individually and then recombine them all outside of Pixelmator after all edits are done. If this is correct, can we look forward to an update that will allow you to edit multiple pages all at once and save the export as one PDF?
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2024-04-13 03:23:07

Is Pixelmator the perfect Mac developer or what!?! Always bringing value to their products and listening to their users. Love it!
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2024-04-13 15:26:57

Amazing stuff, PDF editing is such a pain usually.
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2024-04-15 06:52:08

Very nice! Thank you. Sometime I forgot the possibilities of the amazing tool but it is one of my best.