How to use the warp tool without losing image quality?

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2019-10-14 22:18:42

Hi, whenever I use the warp tool the affected area always become blurry. Is there anyway to reduce this effect? Thanks
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2019-10-15 11:51:29

Hi Rob.
If you upscale the image before you use the warp tool, the blurring is much less noticable. You can always downsample afterwards if you don't need the extra pixels. As you're now warping a bigger area, this will come at a processor hit so you may need to work out just how much big you can afford to make the image, depending on your hardware.
If you are in the market for an upgrade (and I know how much like a shill I sound saying this), the warp algorithm in Pixelmator Pro is, in my opinion, much better and faster.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
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2019-10-16 08:34:35

Fantastic shilling there, Stef, your check's in the mail.

On a serious note, the same Warp tool in the Pixelmator Distort extension in Photos (which you, as an owner of the original Pixelmator will have) should work better as it was actually developed as part of the development of the Pixelmator Pro image processing engine.