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2008-07-27 17:39:06


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2009-03-20 03:42:55

very nike thnks a lot
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2009-04-14 22:17:11

I just bought and followed your Increase Dynamic Range video. It worked very well! I was wondering though, is there a way to use this same type of technique (or another one in pixelmator) to combine multiple images taken with different exposures (of the same scene)? That is, to create a really high dynamic range image? If you know any way to do that you should totally make a tutorial of it, I'd watch it. :D

Also, are these tutorials the same as the Smokey tutorials mentioned elsewhere in this forum? I tried to follow that link and it didn't work, so I'm wondering if I'm getting all the tutorials or not.
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2009-04-15 05:37:03

Also, are these tutorials the same as the Smokey tutorials mentioned elsewhere in this forum? I tried to follow that link and it didn't work, so I'm wondering if I'm getting all the tutorials or not.

Hi Jessica,

Sorry, but I had to discontinue my tutorials podcast. I am currently redoing the tutorials to be put on http://pixelmatortutorials.net" which has the tutorials listed above. So soon all my old tutorials will be available there. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
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2009-04-15 05:47:16

Hi Jessica,

Just to avoid any confusion, Smokey and I are one and the same person!
I chose to use my real name after Sebastiaan took me on to produce tutorials with him.

Hope you enjoy our many tutorials in the future.
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2009-07-08 14:07:51

I tried to follow the Rounded Corners tutorial, but there is no Border slider on my Edit>Refine Selection.
What do I do. My version is 1.4.1
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2009-07-08 16:33:37

You use the smooth slider.
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2009-07-08 20:35:34

Thanks, Sebastian, I appreciate the quick reply and your very helpful tutorials!
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2009-11-29 17:19:56

I'm having trouble with your digital makeover tutorial. I am unable to remove the blemishes as you have. would you be able to explain more about that?
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2010-02-08 14:50:58

Hi Deek,

I must apologise, but I have been away from the forum for quite some time.
I am the author of that particular tutorial.
If you still need help with it then I will be happy to go through it with you.
If you prefer, we can communicate via e-mail at the address shown below, I will leave it up to you.
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2010-06-25 21:24:42

Hey! Thanks for sharing the pod casts. I'll be sure to check em' out later tonight when I have time. In the meantime, I'm finishing a project in entirely different program -- AFTER EFFECTS *shudder*. If there's a program I DO hate, it's that one. Ha ha ha. Easy to use, but crashes all the time.
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2010-10-26 17:50:02

It should work on all versions of iTunes. Though I have to remind you that when you subscribe you only get the latest 5 free tutorials and thereafter every episode that is published for free. The older tutorials are all moved to the archive.
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2011-05-19 17:01:35

Thank you for the last two tutorials. (Removing color cast and Removing chromatic abberation).
They are very helpful. 8)
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2011-06-26 05:48:28

Have now updated the first post in this thread with links to the new PixelmatorTutorials.net website and iTunes feed. Also note the link where we ask for new tutors. We would like to welcome non-English speaking/writing tutors as well.