Pixelmator Pro vs. Photo (ML Super Resolution)

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2021-05-20 14:15:17

I'm very interested in the ML Super Resolution feature of Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator Photo. I have both a 2020 iPad Pro and a M1 Mac mini, and I'm not sure which app I'd be better off purchasing. In terms of the quality of the image created, is there any difference between Photo on the iPad and Pro on the Mac?
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2021-05-28 09:20:25

Hey Sean. Both apps are based on the same ML algorithm so the images they create should be pretty much the same quality-wise. However, while Pixelmator Photo calculates the amount of scaling automatically (based on the size and the bit depth of an image), in Pixelmator Pro, you can choose to scale images to a specific size. So that's basically the main difference between the two.
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2021-06-03 10:53:53

Aurelija How does ML work? could you put two exact same photos into Pixelmator and use, for example ML crop, on both of them, would you get the exact same results? or does it calculate a "random seed" every time???
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2021-06-04 11:07:22

Any kind of randomness, in general, is typically frowned upon in programming (both due to testing and debugging issues) and the way ML Crop is programmed is no exception — the same image will always be cropped the same way. Besides, the ML-based tools are essentially meant to speed up editing, so you'd typically expect the best possible result, in the quickest way possible (a single click of the ML button, preferably). With the element of randomness, you'd never really know what you'll get and this could potentially slow you down or even break workflows. Especially those that involve automation.
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2021-06-04 21:25:23

I get it now! it does something for you, like an automation, but also like an automation, it runs the same way every time! thanks for clearing that up for me!
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2021-06-08 20:07:55

No problem!