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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator?
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2015-10-16 16:49:20

Please, SVG import & Export. :-)
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2015-10-20 12:50:10

+1 for SVG export.
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2015-10-23 21:25:19

Yes, please.

SVG is super-standard on the web now, and Pixelmator ("Vectormator") is already my favourite app for vector icons and graphics, even more so than apps designed for SVG creation. It would be a dream web designers to use it for that directly.
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2015-11-09 19:39:56

Need EPS and SVG! Love Pixelmator, but am forced to go elsewhere when I need to open said files.
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2016-03-15 04:15:11

So I was creating a map, and Pixelmator was great, until I added 200 text labels and now it's REALLY slow and I can't export it to PDF without rendering to bitmap first. I want to export to PDF as shapes so that it's smaller and clear at all resolutions. Either add proper PDF export of the vector shapes, or allow copying as a path, or SVG export would be ideal so I can edit in Sketch or another program that *can* export properly.
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2016-03-19 21:03:39

I am amazed it stil not there... Just so we know. Are we one day going to see that.
You mentionvectormatorin the app but to me that does not make a lot of sense if it cannot read or export vector graphics (SVG)

vectormator is not complete!
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2016-04-18 12:22:43

Please add ability to export vector shapes to ANY vector format.. It is really strange why after so many years the feature is still not there.. It seems that by using Vectormator other users could swap other software for vector graphics as well..
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2016-04-23 09:02:37

+1 to this feature request. Please!

Why is it still not possible?
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2016-04-25 18:23:47

+1 another vote for SVG support
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2016-04-26 17:48:56

The workflow and features of vectormator are great so far. I really love the vector-like graphical elements. I would very much like enhancements to Pixelmator to include importing and exporting SVG.
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2016-04-28 10:03:26

I vote for the ability to import and export vector images. SVG, or better, SVG plus EPS.
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2016-05-16 14:57:54

I need SVG for importing into blender 3D. to make cooler gfx. +100
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2016-06-03 17:01:46

Why are so many people using Pixelmator for vector work?

I don't use a flat head screwdriver for unscrewing a Phillips screw (although it may work), so why use a raster based image editor for scaled vector graphics? A professional graphic designer would use Pixelmator to crop, touch up images, and any other photo based work, then use a vector based application to do the layout with the included touched up image.

Is this an educational problem? Or has the price point of Pixelmator lumped amateurs and professionals together?
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2016-06-17 03:34:33

SVG export from Pixelmator would be helpful in creating artwork for laser cutting, vectors for cutting and bitmap information for etching.
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2016-07-31 14:47:50

Please, we really need SVG export (import will be cool feature too) !
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2016-12-13 05:00:32


This is an essential for using pixelmator with web development especially since vectormator came out. I am currently exporting as a png and then converting to svg with other programs which is very frustrating!
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2017-11-15 13:54:56

I see the most recent post on this is 11 months ago (today is 15 Nov 2017). I'm new to Pixelmator, but definitely need to import existing EPS images from "the other company". I have a regular need to overlay a variety of already-existing (complex) vector art files onto images, and I can't successfully stop using that other vendors apps if Pixelmator doesn't allow me to do this.

So, is there any movement on importing EPS? (SVG is not helpful, since all the vector art is available to me with EPS, and I'd have to (still) be using that other vendor's software to export to SVG....)
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2017-11-29 15:48:49

+1 for SVG shapes. Also .AI if possible...
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2017-11-29 18:17:53

Yes please!
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2017-11-30 04:22:27

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2017-11-30 14:52:43

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2017-12-01 02:36:35

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2017-12-03 23:32:51

> Why are so many people using Pixelmator for vector work?

Because it's a very good tool for doing vector work – except for being unable to export as SVG.

>why use a raster based image editor for scaled vector graphics? A professional graphic designer would use
> Pixelmator to crop, touch up images, and any other photo based work

I have never used Pixelmator to crop or touch up photos... for me basic operations like that are easily covered by the software I use to manage my photo library/projects.

> then use a vector based applicationto do the layout with the included touched up image.

That's what I do at the moment and it's bullshit. I need to be able to see the layout around my bitmap graphics while editing them. Also there are major colour management headaches when you're using two completely different applications to work on the same image.
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2018-02-23 08:19:27

Yeah, I actually bought Pixelmator specifically because I assumed it would handle proper vector input and output. I'd been thinking about purchasing for years, hadn't pulled the trigger, I just got a laser engraver, I'm frustrated with inkscape and don't feel like using the ancient pirated illustrator I have, so I bought Pixelmator, because it looked like it had great vector tools, and was all set to compete with illustrator. And, ok, it doesn't import or export SVG or anything? sigh
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2018-03-07 05:56:43

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2018-03-19 18:24:59

Hi there, yet another +1 here; because of this I'm dropping any attempt to do my current vector production on Pixel/Vectormator—even if I can manage it, I won't be able to export it... meh. I'm turning to a monthly subscription for Illus***** instead.

By the way, I was also missing:
* proper bezel and fillet modification for path angles
* convert stroke to shape

Hope you catch up eventually, there's definitely demand for simple/powerful vector software 👍

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2018-05-08 06:00:40

Dear makers of Pixelmator

When I first stumbled upon your app and thought it was magically able to edit and save both in raster and vector formats, I was ready to fully commit to this marvellous piece of software you crafted.

Needless to say, I hope you do realize what a game-changer that would be. It would make the Adobe suite obsolete for quite a few of us.
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2018-12-11 15:26:24

SVG import export Please!
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2019-07-10 16:22:56

+1 I'm finding great need for vector output in pdfs including text, rather than rasterizing.
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2019-07-19 15:57:19

You don’t need Pixelmator to export PDFs with selectable text, that’s built into macOS
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2019-07-22 07:38:15

Export to SVG is available in Pixelmator Pro, by the way. If you want to check it, the free trial's here.