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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator?
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2013-09-24 10:44:18

I tried really hard to move to svg but extensive problems still exist for this format, namely android 2.3, firefox blurry render, safari buggy renders (jagged edges anyone), so back to 2 sized pngs.

But if you see my other posts you'll note I am a proponent of vector, just done right.
If people want features for the sake of them, it's a distraction.

If you want to use svg on your site, or move vector files around software, pixelmator is probably not the software to originate the artwork. Try inkscape for example. A vector program. The only other one is illustrator so I know that it's a poor choice right now...
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2013-10-07 01:15:32

+1 to adding SVG. It's about time now, but I'd say more than just export.Since Pixelmator allows us to work with vector shapes, I don't see why we cannot have it import SVG too.
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2013-10-08 06:02:45


What I need is to import SVG files, my vector editor default is Inkscape, so for me it is necessary to import SVG files
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2013-10-12 17:39:07

+1 to add SVG
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2013-10-17 09:49:09

+1 for exporting to SVG file (and import would be nice too)
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2013-10-25 01:13:24

I think what would make many people happy is if the Vectormator function inside Pixelmator came out and became it's own application.
The problem is that programs like iDraw have a terrible user experience, Sketch 2 is buggy, Inkscape is out of place on a mac and Illustrator is, well, Adobe.
We all love Pixelmator not because it has the absolute perfect feature set, we love it because of it's user experience. I think if the team could develop an Illustrator competitor in parallel with Pixelmator it would be wildly successful.
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2013-10-25 18:26:44

I'd prefer EPS over SVG. It's a better format for going into Maya or other 3d modeling apps.
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2013-11-23 15:13:29

I really can't understand why SVG support isn't implemented already. I vote for SVG support too. It's nice to be able to create vector graphics with pixelmator, but not being able to export them is a no go. I really think about switching to another app that supports SVG.
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2013-12-04 21:22:16

With the addition of the AWESOME Vectomator Mode, being able to maintain vector purity in an export format like SVG would make sense.
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2013-12-09 03:27:17

+1 Yes please. With Vectormator mode now available, SVG support makes perfect sense. Hurry up please! I want to ditch Adobe completely :p
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2013-12-26 20:40:33

+1 for SVG Support. 2014 is the year I'm planning to use more SVG in my sites. I love this product and this would make it even better!
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2014-01-03 23:34:37

+1 SVG and EPS support. At the very least, I'd like to be able to import an SVG or EPS and be able to select a raster size.
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2014-01-14 20:48:08

I definitely agree with the need to export SVG. I understand that this might be seen by some as a shift in the PIXELmator ethos, though for me, I don't agree. If we have the ability to enter into a Vector based editing mode within the application then it stands to reason we should be able to export and make use of them fully.

I need this more and more and I'd prefer to not have to move away from Pixelmator.
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2014-01-17 19:51:43

+1 for SVG export.
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2014-01-18 08:41:21

After the Pixelmator Team debuted the "Vectormator" application mode, I was expecting a a wider range of file formats that would take advantage of vectors.

I dabble in web development and try to optimise speed, limit bandwidth, reduce HTTP requests, and minimize the number of files. My favorite way of doing all these is with an SVG sprite sheet. Using vectors greatly reduces file size and retains sharp reproduction from mobile to HiDPI devices.

I find it painful to use applications like InkScape and am very fond of Pixelmator. While it's not overly inconvenient to open SVG files in a browser and take screenshots. That process means I lose any transparency or alpha the original file had. When the SVG file is rather large or if I need a high resolution image from the SVG, multiple screenshots are required and then stitched together.

I would appreciate support for import and export of vector formats, SVG in particular.

P.S. SVG supports loading external raster graphics or directly embedding them.
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2014-01-24 04:21:34

SVG and EPS would be very valuable so please consider another yes Vote.
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2014-02-02 00:58:55

+1 for SVG _and_ EPS support. It is absolutely essential for the science and scientific publishing field.
No EPS? Not Vectormator at all.
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2014-02-11 04:05:19

+1 SVG

Please add support to open and save out SVG files. In my work I often use SVG with PaintCode and I would like to use Pixelmator as a part of the toolset.
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2014-03-07 22:00:41

SVG support a must in my view. Also Integration with Apple Motion via SVG would be awesome especially now we have mObject to generate real 3d extrusions. Being able to interpret vector logo's and turn them into extruded 3d objects would be very useful.
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2014-03-28 22:35:07


I'd much rather use pixelmator / vectormator than *any* adobe app.
However, the lack of an SVG export keeps my nice vectors jailed in pixelmator.

I want to export them to use in my web designs. Raphael.js allows you to leverage svg's in some really amazing ways.

SVG export is a must-have feature for me if this app is going to serve any purpose in my workflow.
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2014-04-02 04:07:37


Agreed. I'm a new Adobe Photoshop convert. I've been using Photoshop for my entire career as a web developer. I'm currently at a company that won't shell out the dough for it and I was pleasantly surprised with this application once I took the time to figure out the new methods for image editing.

As a web developer, I love vectormator mode! It's easy and straightforward to use. Please please please add the ability to export vector paths as HTML and SVG. I would pay another $30 for this feature alone!

As the last post mentioned RaphaelJS and other javascript libraries allow you to input vector paths as data and draw objects dynamically, very cool stuff.
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2014-04-09 10:43:39

+1 for SVG export
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2014-04-25 20:23:21

+1 Love love love the vector mode, i have never used a vector editor until today with vectormator loved it but was disappointed to not be able to export as SVG
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2014-07-31 00:54:06

SVG +1. A much needed feature if Pixelmator is to be used in a advanced or professional context.
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2014-09-21 08:53:13

xCode 6 started to support vector images. So, Pixelmator needs to have it!