Unsolvable problems with the App Store

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2019-03-28 16:24:01

Since Apple changed it's regulations I'm not given access to my already bought apps on my update page. Pixelmator is one of the apps I cannot update anymore on the Apple App Store. I contacted Apple for help because I couldn't solve the problem from my update App Store page and the technicians said they couldn't do anything about it after failing to help me. So I'm left in the cold, this is more than annoying. When pixelmator version 3.8 came out I had to ask Pixelmator assistance for an update directly from them with proof of purchase, which they gracefully did. Now Pixelmator is up to the 3.8.2 version and I feel embarrassed to ask again. I have no solution to my problem except if Pixelmator permits people like me to update directly from their website. I love Pixelmator but after many updates I don't know how many, I'll be forced to let it go.