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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator?
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2018-10-17 03:40:45

I want to draw the same shape a few times. Ex I want to draw a few rectangles. For every rectangle I draw I have to re-select the rectangle in the Shape tool panel. I tried double-clicking, command clicking and other key combinations ..
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2018-10-17 08:38:49

Yeah, this is how the vector system in Pixelmator was designed from the very beginning — it's something we've actually refined in Pixelmator Pro (so things work the way you're looking for) but I'm not sure whether we'll be making any changes in the original Pixelmator as it would require a significant overhaul of the vector tools.
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2018-10-17 08:53:29

I've just bough the latest Pixelmator Pro. I had an old one that I bought in 2012. So I guess I'm not entitled for a free upgrade. Thanks
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2018-10-17 10:05:10

The App Store doesn't actually have a way of providing upgrade discounts, unfortunately, but Pixelmator Pro is on sale right now so you bought it at pretty much the best possible time. 👌