Simple Request - Remember the Last Folder

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2018-07-24 19:53:11

I spend a lot of unnecessary time relocating the previously-used folder to save things to. Can Pixelmator please remember the last folder used?

Example. I design a page and need to save parts of the page as individual graphics. So, I copy and paste the part I want into a new document, save it as a jpeg or png, and put it in a new folder called My New Images. Works great.

Then I go to save the second one. Cut and paste the second part, pop into a new document, and save that as a jpeg or png. Pixelmator doesn't remember that I just created and used My New Images, so I have to go and find it before saving. And then repeat this over and over. It gets tiresome.

I DID finally find a way to cut and paste what is displayed in multiple layers. Pixelmator typically copies the active layer, not the whole document, and there's no easy keyboard command to copy all layers. Must be linked!