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2020-08-06 11:27:40

I am working on an image on Pixelmator ( and have used it for some time) and I am in the process of trying to Stroke an image.
The programme seems to be stuck. The busy icon just keeps going round and round.
Short of a forced quit (not sure how long ago I saved my work) what can I do?.
Other things are working on my iMac O.K.
Hoping for help, Paul Clark
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2020-08-06 12:55:22

If you look at the file in Finder, you should be able to see at least a thumbnail preview (at best a full preview) even while it is being edited by Pixelmator. That might tell you how much you have saved. Also, if that file does have much of what you want (and you are worried about the file being damaged by a force quit, you can right-click on the file and create a duplicate.

Doe that help any?