Export - scaling options

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2021-09-21 00:11:20

Currently when exporting a photo the scale option provides two percentages then custom which is specific pixel sizes for height and width. It would be really great if the scaling option could be enhanced with the following capabilities:

allow for the user to define If they want to scale based on percent of the image size or specific pixels.
- The new additions here would be the percentage scaling options AND
- When defining specific pixels to scale, provide an option to maintain the aspect ratio and depending on the user definition of either the height or the width, calculate the other dimension, when the maintain aspect ratio option is ON
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2021-09-23 13:41:47

Thanks for the suggestions, JMacI. I agree it would be handy to have more scaling options available. I've shared your feedback with the team!