Feature Request - Change Process Dialog Indicator

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2021-03-02 22:18:44

The Repair tool is amazing - very impressed. One small request - when making a repair edit, the small Process Dialog screen appears (as a transient overlay) in the middle of the screen. In my case (and probably for most people) this is a very fast flash - too fast to even have time to dismiss the process if I wanted to - but I find it very distracting, especially if I’m working at night on some detailed repairs. It’s a bit bright and adversely blows my retinas for a few seconds. It’s worse when I’m making a edit right in the middle of the image under where the overlay appears, as it removes my ability to assess the immediate effects of the change. Can you have this dialog appear in the upper toolbar instead - or somewhere off of the image itself - and make it a lot less bright? I’m guessing that if there is a long process happening, the user will be able to find this control easily, especially since it’s a feature of convenience (saving time) and not of necessity (the user can always Undo if they don’t like the repair).

I get that this is a small thing, but maybe because it’s small its not too hard to implement? I’m fixing a bunch of my old BW photos that I shot in college that have a ton of dust spots and scratches from the original negatives, so I’m doing a lot of individual repairs on any given photo.

Thanks much - and keep up the great work...

(Former UX designer at Apple)
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2021-03-09 16:41:07

Thanks for the feedback, Craig. I think that's a fair point. I've passed it on to the team!