Independent RAW Support for new cameras

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2022-01-24 21:04:39

I'd love to see Pixelmator add RAW support for new cameras independently of Apple's RAW engine. RAW Power (just updated) and Lightroom both have enabled support for newer cameras, and Apple's RAW engine is updated fairly infrequently, often requiring new OS updates to enable support.

I understand the reliance on Apple's RAW support, but when an amazing app such as RAW Power which also leverages Apple's RAW support fills in the gaps by releasing their own new camera in between Apple updates, it makes Pixelmator feel less useful to me.
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2022-01-26 18:18:49

Going a bit further than RAW support for newer cameras before Apple gets to it, adding support for compressed RAWs (for me, Fuji compressed RAW). This is something that RAW Power has added as Apple likely never will. I would love to see Pixelmator Photo add this as a feature.
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2022-01-31 16:02:45

While we're not planning anything for any upcoming updates, we don't renounce the idea of a more inclusive RAW engine. I can't say when or if this will happen but I think it would be a logical step if we want to improve the Pixelmator Photo experience for more photographers using the app.
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2022-01-31 16:30:07

That's great news, even if it's just under consideration! And to Nadeem's point, even Apple leaves some RAW formats unsupported. I'm hoping they include support for the new Sony Compressed Lossless, but seeing where they are at with Fuji compressed RAW I wouldn't be surprised if they don't.