A few features that I miss from Lightroom

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2021-08-03 20:32:32

I am enjoying using Pixelmator Photo (although it was not obvious which of your apps does what).

I prefer the gentler, more subtle rendering than the one I get from Lightroom mobile.

However, I don’t think I am ready to change for Pixelmator Pro for my normal workflow because:
* it lacks certain basic features such as adding a vignette or adding a bit of local contrast
* local adjustments are also absent, as is the auto upright correction for buildings, etc
* the AI is pretty good, but doesn’t always provide a good starting point (eg, twilight pics)
* it would be good to be able to drag sliders by scrubbing their labels rather than having to hit the spot
* I like to be able to set black and white points with just a click or with an ability to see what is being blown out. I can do that in Lightroom by holding the pic when dragging the black/white sliders
* having to go in and out of edit mode to edit a batch of photos is painful, even on an m1 iPad. I just want to slide from one photo to the next without changing mode
* the modifying file message when completing an edit is a bit disconcerting
* I don’t often upsize, so was puzzled why the uprezzing feature was given such prominence
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2021-08-24 10:16:24

Hey, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! A few of the mentioned things we're already working on for Pixelmator Photo 2.0. Other features, like local adjustments, are on the roadmap as well but are planned for the updates a bit further ahead.