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Discuss Pixelmator Photo and photo editing on iPad.
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2021-07-23 20:40:44

Can anyone assist me on what this app is about. I am on the verge of purchasing it now. I can get any concrete info on it. Does it support layer manipulation and layer masks. Or what is the primary function of this app. I am also looking into Affinity photo but it looks really confusing to use, to much panels and windows to open.
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2021-07-26 01:02:47

My very honest opinion:

- Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Photo are two different kind of apps. Pixelmator is solely a RAW developer app (like a very light Lightroom). Affinity is an Image manipulation app, much more like Photoshop.

- Affinity Photo is super powerful, and once you get the hang of it, it is actually friendly. By all means, buy it.

- Pixelmator Photo is just.. meh. Sorry, but I’ve been waiting for them to update it with local adjustments for too long now. They have added a few little things in that time, but nothing to rave about. The last update was several months ago, the team seems focused on Pixelmator Pro for the Mac. I come to the forum every now and then to see if there are any news about Pixelmator Photo, but there’s nothing yet.

My humble advise is, if you want layers and powerful image manipulation, get Affinity Photo. By all means, buy it.

If all you want is a simple RAW developer with no local adjustments, Pixelmator Photo does the job. I’m sad to say I can’t recommend getting Pixelmator Photo if you want anything more than what I just said.
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2021-07-26 09:33:26

Pixelmator Photo and Affinity Photo are, indeed, two different apps that serve slightly different purposes. As Cantisani mentioned, Pixelmator Photo is not an image manipulation app but rather a photo editor that works both with RAW and regular JPEG, PNG, TIFF images. You can use it to adjust image colors, shadows, and contrast, crop and scale photos, and more. And thanks to batch processing capability, you can do all of this with multiple images at a time with just a few taps.

If we're comparing layer-based image editors, Pixelmator for iOS is probably a more suitable contender to put on the other side of the scale. While it doesn't currently offer the ability to add layer masks, Pixelmator for iOS already offers a bunch of tools for manipulating layers, layer styles, effects, brush-based retouching tools and we have more new features on the roadmap. Whether the app setup itself works for you is a very personal thing but if you're looking for a more minimalistic app, Pixelmator for iOS might be it.
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2021-07-26 15:41:25

Pixelmator is a good Raw processor and more that is fairly easy and intuitive. There is a lot to it and many good features. The Machine Learning is excellent. It doesn’t support layers and local adjustments. I’d like to see that too.

Affinity Photo is similar to Photoshop with a huge learning curve. Layers and masks are available for everything. I started learning Photoshop two decades ago, read huge textbooks page by page while doing. Affinity still took about seven weeks to learn properly. Then more in-depth learning for many months.

I will always have both.