Cant open .ORF files

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2020-08-08 21:40:30

hello, I just bought pixelmator photo for my Ipad air 3. The RAW files of my Olympus camera have .ORF extension, how do I open them? in case the program does not support this type of files, can I transform them to work? Could you recommend me how to do it? thank you
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2020-08-31 18:12:00

Hi Martin,

do you find your camera here:
if not your RAW-File is not supported in the RAW-Engine of iPadOS.
Unfortunately Apple hasn‘t added „newer“ cameras in a while. My camera is from end of 2019 and I still can‘t process the Raw-Files on my iPad/Pixelmator, which is really annoying.

@Pixelmator: Is there anything you can do to „hurry“ things up?
The only app on iPadOS which does support recent cameras is Lightroom, this puts you on a disadvantage?!

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2020-08-31 20:25:43

Thank you!
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2020-09-01 15:04:48

by Thorsten @Pixelmator: Is there anything you can do to „hurry“ things up?
Not really, to be honest, other than work on creating our own RAW decoding engine. Which is possible, but not in the near future.