Not Seeing Thumbnail Previews, Looking for a Fix

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2019-05-03 14:13:11

I am not seeing thumbnail previews. Is there a setting to change to allow previews?

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Scott Image
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2019-05-06 07:41:24

Ooh, that's a strange issue — would you be able to email us about it at Thanks in advance!
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2019-05-06 11:27:52

Hub Andrius,
I’ll send an email today.

Kind regards,
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2019-05-14 22:51:22

My apologies for not sending the email (I thought I did). I think the 1.0.4 update resolved the issue for me. They all show up now, except one. Perhaps the image that doesn’t display (a screenshot) is corrupt…
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2019-05-15 07:52:50

Ah, fair enough — glad to hear everything's fixed now!