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2020-04-15 14:32:02

Recently I am using the pen tool a lot for some layout graphics I am creating ..How can I create a rounded corner where a vertical and horizontal line intersects.. The editing tool is quite cumbersome for s mall rounded corner.. Using a shape with rounded corners is very difficult to erase parts of it to generate a rectangle with a rounded corner.. What am I doing wrong or missing..Thanks
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2020-04-15 15:07:32

Do you happen to have a visual example of the corner you're trying to draw? I think I have a good idea of what you mean it but I'm not 100% sure.

Thanks in advance!
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2020-04-15 16:01:44

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2020-04-16 15:17:47

Thanks for the example! If you want to make a rounded corner on the fly, here's a video example of how I might approach something like this:

What I do there is go into editing mode (press Enter key with a selected shape/line), then double-click to add two extra anchor points next to the corner, and double click the anchor points to turn them from sharp ones into smooth ones. Then, while pressing and holding the Shift key, I play around with the direction lines.

Hope that helps!
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2020-04-16 16:17:14

Thanks for the help.. Yes I know that part.. but I was looking for something way easier as I have a lot of corners in the vector design I am creating.. I might shift to Affinity Designer as they have an option to add a rounded corner..
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2020-04-20 13:58:07

That's a fair feature request for sure! Though I should say it's somewhat specialized for a raster editor, which, at least for now, Pixelmator Pro primarily is. That said, we've definitely considered a feature like this (we had some discussions about it not too long ago, in fact) and, as we add new features to our vector tools, it's certainly possible we might be able to add this. Though there are quite a few other vector tool features we'd also like to add that might be considered more fundamental. In any case, we'll definitely be keeping this in mind!
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2020-04-20 14:02:11

Indeed Affinity designer has a "corner tool" which is so nice to have whilst doing vector design work..I am looking forward with anticipation as I hate to switch over to another platform.. Thanks Andrius...
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2020-04-30 16:13:21

Thanks for the explanation, I was quite lost! Especially since I recently got the task to draw some redesign projects for this commercial real estate in Thailand from my boss who learnt I have begun working with Pixelmator, which means I really have to learn how to master it quickly.