Inception or Droneception Effect

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2020-01-16 14:27:28

I am Uwe, brandnew in this group and hope to get help here.
I just bought a Mavic Mini drone and I would like to make a
Droneception effect.
Is there a tutorial existing how to do this?

Thx Uwe
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2020-01-17 08:44:36

Hey Uwe, looking at tutorials for this effect, it looks like the key tool would be a mesh/grid-based warp tool. For now, this isn't available in Pixelmator Pro and I can't really think of any alternative options you could use, so I think it wouldn't be possible to get this effect, at least at this time. We would eventually like to add a tool like this to Pixelmator Pro, though!
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2020-01-17 18:35:37

Thanks for the feedback!