Bug: before/after button resets warp, bump pinch and twirl tools

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2021-05-29 22:21:40

I've been messing around with the bump pinch and twirl tools recently (lets just call them liquify tools for the purpose of this post!) and the before/after button has been playing up: instead of giving you a preview of before when you hold down, and when you let go it goes back to normal, for some reason in ALL the liquify tools, on all photos I've tried, it acts as a reset button! it's very easy to replicate (for me).
this same button works as it should in the rest of the tools!
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2021-05-31 15:02:04

Hey Tali. That's a known issue — Harris has posted about this in a different thread earlier. We should have a fix for it in the next Pixelmator Pro update.
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2021-05-31 21:20:40

Thanks, I'm already looking forward to the next update!!!
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2021-06-01 11:39:16

No problem!