Problems with effects rendering on grouped elements

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2021-05-29 04:40:08

If you add certain Effects to elements in a group, they will be rendered incorrectly when you hide and unhide the group.

Repro Steps
1. Create a new document.
2. Add two shapes to the document.
3. Select the shapes and group them together.
4. Select one of the shapes.
5. Via the Effects panel, add a Light Leak or Bokeh effect to the shape. Note the effect is properly rendered within the bounds of the object.
6. In the Layers panel, hide/unhide the layer group. The effect will render incorrectly and outside the bounds of the shape.
7. In the Layers panel, hide/unhide the affected shape. The effect will return to normal.

Video demonstration ... k-X1BBzaB/

Expected Behavior
Effects are rendered consistently on grouped elements.

Actual Behavior
Hiding the group causes rendering issues for some effects. Others (e.g. Pointillize) don't seem to be affected.

Every time (Pixelmator Pro 2.0.8, MacOS 10.14.6)
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2021-05-31 14:54:50

Hey there Dan. Thanks for the report! The issue reproduced quite easily. We'll see if it'll be an easy fix as well.