How to invert few layers with one click?

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2021-05-21 07:56:38

Hi team,
Sorry disturbing again, but can't find solution for the little task.
I have an image which have 2 layers (image and copyright note)
Is it possible to invert both layers in one click?
I tried to use this menu
but nothing works.
Also I created preset and shortcut for the Invert action
And even when both layers selected
shortcut works only for the first layer, not for the both. Maybe it's the bug, maybe I missed some steps.
Can you help and explain?
Kind regards,
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2021-05-21 15:12:35

This is not currently possible without grouping the layers first. When applied to the group, your edits will show up on all layers within the group.
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2021-05-21 17:18:38

More or less working! Thank you!
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2021-05-25 10:20:45

by Igor 2021-05-21 14:18:38 More or less working! Thank you!