Trim Canvas not working

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2021-07-23 05:57:35

Maybe I'm missing a step, but I can't get the Trim Canvas command to work. I have a large group of scanned photos that all have a white border. When I open a file and select Trim Canvas I choose "Top Left Pixel Color", make sure all 4 sides are selected, and select OK and nothing happens.
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2021-07-23 14:01:38

A common problem with trimming canvas is that the areas that are seemingly white in reality may not be all white throughout. There may be one discolored pixel somewhere in the corner of the image, or the border may have a slight gradient to it and that will stop the Trim Canvas from cropping. In such cases, it's more effective to use the regular Crop tool.
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2021-07-23 15:00:00

I thought about that too. However on several photos when I zoom up to the pixel level it looks like there are many rows of pixels that match the color of the corner pixel and yet the trim canvas still doesn't work. I guess I'll just have to manually trim these photos. Thanks!
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2021-07-26 10:45:22

Just for testing purposes, would you be able to share that document? You can share the file like so. Thanks in advance!