Parrot Anafi DNG lens correction

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2021-02-27 09:33:12


I have a Parrot Anafi flying camera (French drone brand, not bad in terms of images thx to its Sony camera module - see ) that shoots 4K video as well as high resolution pictures.

In the latter case it delivers DNG files as well as JPEGs. DNGs can be imported in Pixelmator but without lens correction. The JPEGs are more "square" yet lose color details (see both examples).

DNG Image

JPG Image

Until then I fooled the system by applying lens correction on the free Lightroom iOS app then reexported the max quality JPEGs, wich is cumbersome and suboptimal.

Any way to have this happen natively ?

Thx in advance

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2021-03-02 10:19:47

Hey there. The nondestructive Distortion effects in Pixelmator Pro could, potentially, help correct the DNG images to some extent but we don't really have dedicated lens correction tools at the moment. Nonetheless, it's something we'd definitely like to add in the future.
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2021-03-09 19:43:17

Thank you Aurelija for your reply. Here are a few resources I found while digging around ... files.html ... post-36790

Hope this helps.
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2021-03-15 08:49:29

These look like some great resources. Thanks for sharing!
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2021-03-15 09:52:22

Please keep us posted of your progress. Support for profiles would definitely take Pixelmator one step ahead of Lightroom !
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2021-03-15 11:28:04

We'll be looking into lens correction a bit later on down the line (it's not really an addition planned for the immediate future) but we'll let you know once we have any news to share.