PDF export with selectable text (= not as an image)

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-10-04 14:02:45

Hi, I'm a Pixelmator user who just upgraded to Pixelmator Pro.
I just made a new version of my resume but when I export it to PDF, the text are not selectable in the output file.

Is there a parameter to enable this?

PDF should keep text as text to allow copy/paste or highlights.

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2020-10-06 10:19:50

As Pixelmator Pro (like the original Pixelmator) is primarily an image editor, we export PDFs as images. I do see how that's not ideal and we'd love to support this, it's just not something we've prioritized until now. We'll keep it in mind for the future, though!
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2020-10-06 11:35:49

Thanks Andrius, I really think additions to Pixelmator Pro compared to non-pro version + text export will help people to fully moved out from Adobe Photoshop.

You can move it to Feature Request.
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2020-11-16 18:42:56

YES! One-man nonprofit marketing shop here! This issue has been a big pain to me, both for digital distribution (can't even copy and paste a link) and mass mailings that rely on editable .pdf text to fill in names and addresses. This feature would really put Pixelmator over the top for me. I've tried using 'Swift Publisher 5,' which is fine, but not as intuitive as Pixelmator. Please get this goin'!
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2020-11-20 13:03:39

Noted, Stephen! To my knowledge, we might see some action in this area in the future. No concrete promises and timelines, but things are happening.